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The Lunar eclipse is an event which occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth and into its shadow . As the shadow starts to fall on the lunar surface, it looks as if a bite has been taken out of the moon - a phase known as a partial eclipse .

by | January 19, 2019 | 08:32

Cotton seeds have reportedly just sprouted in an experiment aboard China's Chang'e 4 moon lander. It also had some unusual guests on board and - in a first for the moon - one of them sprouted. "And with time moving on, it'll be the first plant with green leaves on the moon", Xie Gengxin, dean of Institute of Advanced Technology at Chongqing University , and the chief designer of the experiment, said in a university blog.

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Kelly says the moon passes through the earth's shadow causing the red colour, which led to its blood moon moniker. The star-studded celebration takes place on the terrace of Seminole State College's McGee student center, adjacent to the Emil Buehler Planetarium.

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If the skies are clear, the entire eclipse will be visible in North and South America, as well as Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and the French and Spanish coasts. According to the Irish Astronomical Association, which is based in Northern Ireland, you won't need any special telescope to observe the eclipse, but a pair of binoculars will allow you to view the changing colours as it develops.

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The proposals, outlined in the Government's Clean Air Strategy, include plans to legislate to prohibit the sale of the most polluting fuels and ensure only the cleanest stoves are available for sale by 2022. Amid worries that prolonged exposure to a cloud of PM2.5 (airborne dust particles 2.5 microns in diameter or less) will lead to a spike in health conditions and diseases in the long run, Rungsrit Kanjanavanit, a medical lecturer at Chiang Mai University, urged relevant agencies to tackle ...

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The mission already earned China a place in space history as the first country to land a spacecraft on the dark side of the moon , when the rover named Yutu 2, or Jade Rabbit 2, touched down on the satellite's largest and oldest impact crater, the South Pole-Aitken Basin earlier this month.

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Between 1979 and 2017, Antarctic ice loss increased by a factor of six, causing sea levels to rise by half an inch. Antarctica's crucial ice sheet has been melting for the entire 39 year period, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, said Eric Rignot, who led the UCV study.

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For example, astronauts on the ISS are now working with an orbital agriculture experiment called Veggie which has recently faced issues with plant mold. Until this experiment, the researchers said they weren't sure it was possible to grow plants in a low gravity environment. It involves an 18-centimeter container holding a mini-biosphere of air, water, and soil, as well as cotton seeds, potato seeds, arabidopsis seeds, yeast, and fruit fly eggs.

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In a pair of papers published today, researchers say they've found 13 new FRBs using the method. The 13 radio bursts were picked up by a telescope at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory in Canada . The previous record of lowest-frequency FRB was of 700 megahertz. "We estimate that there are up to 1,000 of these bursts in the entire sky every day", corresponding author Shriharsh Tendulkar of McGill University said in an email.

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) which launched Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite ( Tess ) for searching exoplanets in April, 2018 has discovered a third small planet outside our solar system. " It's a very exciting discovery due to how it was found, its temperate orbit and because planets of this size seem to be relatively uncommon ". The new planet , K2-288Bb, orbits the smaller, dimmer star every 31.3 days.

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The Chang'e 4 entered the lunar orbit four days later after its launch, South China Morning Post reported. Unlike the face of the moon that you and I can see plain as night from down here, the far side of the moon is largely never visible from the Earth's surface, and is filled with cavernous craters and jagged mountains, making exploration of it near-impossible before today.

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That's why, in addition to the instruments on the rover, the lander itself has its own scientific instruments, including a low-frequency spectrometer that could carry out pioneering low-frequency radio observations of deep space . The overall design of the new rover is inherited from Jade Rabbit, according to the chief designer of China's lunar probe program. China also intends to perform Radio-astronomical studies on the far side of the moon that will be free form interference from the ...

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More data on Ultima Thule is streaming back to NASA at this very moment, so expect additional announcements in the coming days. "The flyby is a historic achievement", said New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute in the US.

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The New York Times has a nice collection of pictures taken of Ultima Thule as New Horizons approached. From the latest image, it still remains unclear if Ultima is actually two objects that are closely orbiting one another, or a single mass.

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The Chang'e 4 mission will allow scientists to discover what they don't about the moon. In December, China launched the probe "Chang'e-4" (Chang'e-4), which for the first time in the history of mankind has to sit on the opposite side of the moon, with vast Land.

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Deep inside the so-called Kuiper Belt , a frigid expanse beyond Neptune that is also known as the Twilight Zone, Ultima Thule is believed to date back 4.5 billion years to the formation of our solar system. The program is a collaborative effort between NASA, the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, where scientists navigate and control the spacecraft.

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The spacecraft, which launched in 2006, captured stunning images of Pluto when it flew by the dwarf planet in 2015. Travelling beyond Pluto wasn't the primary mission of the New Horizons spacecraft , so over the past 3 ½ years, the NASA team has been able to program and change the course of the spacecraft in order to make this possible.

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Under the direction of acting administrator Andrew Wheeler, the EPA is now questioning whether it was appropriate to include these additional benefits. The federal government is required to take into account both the costs and health benefits when considering pollution regulations. Overall, environmental groups say, federal and state efforts have cut mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants by 85 percent in roughly the last decade.

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Eastern North Dakota is expected to deal with winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour, creating blizzard conditions mainly in the Red River Valley. Areas farther east were expected to get less of the white stuff, with 1-3 inches predicted. This is expected to be the worst travel day of the week. Central and western Nebraska roads could have a layer of ice beneath packed snow. Most of Minnesota should be in the clear by the afternoon, and snow could linger across northwest Wisconsin and the UP ...

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In October and November, there are 20-25 days when the pollution level increases in Delhi because of stubble burning (in neighbouring states). On Monday, Delhi's air quality was recorded at 448 which falls in the "severe" category, the CPCB said.

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This cargo is the first of the 32 satellites, constructed by Lockheed Martin for the US Air Force's GPS III programme. "I'm proud of my team and look forward to our additional National Security Space missions with SpaceX ". The satellite itself was built by Lockheed Martin. This newest generation of GPS satellites is designed and built to deliver positioning, navigation, and timing information.

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Japan killed at least 488 whales off its coast, in the Antarctic and the Northwest Pacific during the annual hunt that ended in 2017, according to IWC. A United Kingdom news report explains: It's been doing so for three decades under an exception to the IWC's ban on whale hunting. "Australia remains resolutely opposed to all forms of commercial and so-called " scientific " whaling", its environment minister, Melissa Price, and foreign minister, Marise Payne, said in a statement.

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The Greek god Apollo had a friend who'd sometimes take him for a ride: the sun god Helios. Popular Mechanics: " Why Apollo 8 Mattered " - "The small step for man, the giant leap for mankind, Eagle One, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong-Apollo 11 gets all the glory".

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The word " solstice " is derived from the Latin term, solstitium , which means "the sun stands still". Meanwhile, Earth's rotation keeps the sun's heat even, sort of like a 7,917-mile-wide rotisserie chicken made of rock and a little water .

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But here are some fascinating facts about the magical time of the winter solstice that you may not know. The word "solstice" comes from the Latin word " solstitium ", which translates to " sun standing still ". This made it easy for the crossover from honoring pagan forces to worshipping Jesus and Christianity . Yes, temperatures get colder while the days get longer.

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It has been closely associated with the sun as Stonehenge aligns with the sunset and sunrise on both the summer (longest day of the year) and winter solstice . EST on December 21, the moon will share the same celestial longitude as Aldebaran, an occurrence known as a conjunction. In Maine, much smaller winter solstice celebrations take place around the state, such as Harpswell Heritage Land Trust's Winter Solstice Lantern Walk, the Maine Audubon Winter Solstice Celebration with Spirit ...

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This year's solstice is special as it will be followed the next day by the year's last full moon, called the Cold Moon, and the Ursid meteor shower. Scientists are not absolutely sure how this happened, but they think that billions of years ago, as the solar system was taking shape, the Earth was subject to violent collisions that caused the axis to tilt.

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One of the two". Several of this week's planned rocket launches ended up being hit with last-second aborts and delays, but that didn't stop Mother Nature from giving California residents a reason to stare skyward anyway. "The team is prepping for a 24-hour turnaround on Thursday, Dec. 20, from Space Launch Complex 6 at Vandenberg Air Force Base", they added. The meteor was caught on dash cams, quickly falling, nearly vertically, and leaving behind a bright trail, which shone high in the sky.

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NASA's estimates of the amount of material present in the rings, combined with data on how much of it is falling, points to the rings being completely gone within 300 million years. As you may remember from science class or The Magic School Bus , the rings of Saturn are mostly made up of chunks of water ice, ranging from "microscopic dust grains to boulders several yards (meters) across".

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Cline, who admitted to taking wildlife illegally and helping the Berrys, lost his privileges for the next five years, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation , the investigation has tied 14 Missouri residents to over 230 criminal charges that occurred in 11 Missouri counties.

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Seconds later, SpaceShipTwo fired, catapulting it to more than 51 miles ( 82 km ) above Earth, high enough for the pilots, Mark Stucky and Frederick Sturckow, to experience weightlessness and see the curvature of the planet. Besides VSS Unity , two more SpaceShipTwo vehicles are now under construction, with the first of them expected to be completed in about a year. "It cost a very similar price to what we're spending today to put people into space", he said.

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The leak was spotted on August 30 in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft attached to the station. Two Russian cosmonauts ventured outside the International Space Station today (Dec. The hole, which was patched from the inside the station, was exposed and inspected by Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev , both Expedition 57 flight engineers, during a December 11, 2018 spacewalk.

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But, about five minutes into the test flight , the firm confirmed the two craft had reached 28,000 feet and were "rising smoothly". "We've had our challenges, and to finally get to the point where we are at least within range of space altitude is a major deal for our team", George Whitesides, Virgin Galactic's chief executive, told reporters during a facilities tour on Wednesday in Mojave, where workers could be seen making pre-flight inspections of the rocket plane.

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The meteors can appear all across the sky, but they'll appear to be flying away from the area of the bright star Castor in the Gemini constellation. "I've often said they resemble "celestial field mice" as they scurry across the sky, producing good numbers of bright, graceful, yellowish-white meteors and fireballs ", wrote Joe Rao of

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At 5 p.m. MT on Saturday, the Earth will pass through the thickest part of the Leonid meteors. A large green-and-yellow-glowing celestial object, which was caught on several cameras darting across the night sky in central Texas, has reportedly produced a boom powerful enough to make some walls shake.