by | June 07, 2018 | 04:50

It is Guatemala's deadliest volcanic eruption for more than a century. The searing hot volcanic material that covered communities near the volcano left numerous bodies unrecognisable so DNA testing or other methods will be necessary for identification.

by | June 07, 2018 | 04:42

McCain's daughter Meghan said Sadler called to apologize and that she promised to make a public apology, though that never happened. It is not known if Sadler's comments were the cause of her departure at the White House. Shah, in the White House briefing the day after the comments were reported , said, "If you aren't able in internal meetings to speak your mind, or convey thoughts or say anything that you feel without feeling like your colleagues will betray you, that creates a very hard ...

by | June 07, 2018 | 03:53

The document also argues that Trump "could, if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon if he so desired". "He has no intention of pardoning himself , but he probably - not to say he can't". His comment suggested that Trump's lawyers were beginning to persuade the president of the dangers involved . "I think the political ramifications of that would be tough", Giuliani added.

by | June 07, 2018 | 00:02

Strangely, the White House too hasn't spoken about Melania since she underwent a kidney surgery. According to The Daily Mail , a new conspiracy theory is alleging that President Donald Trump wrote the tweet, and not Melania. "She's doing great. Just looking at us, right there". With the hashtag #WhereIsMelania trending, Twitter users have since, with even more fervor, dedicated their time to find answers to the mysterious absence of the FLOTUS, with wild theories making rounds on ...

by | June 05, 2018 | 11:35

Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Brock Domin wrote in court documents that Manafort "contacted and attempted to contact" two unnamed witnesses, "in an effort to influence their testimony and to otherwise hide evidence". In previous filings, Person A has been used to designate Konstantin Kilimnik, a Manafort associate who prosecutors believe has ties to Russian intelligence - something Kilimnik has denied.

by | June 05, 2018 | 11:34

President Donald Trump's lawyers argued in a letter to the special counsel investigating Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election that the president could not have obstructed the probe given the powers granted to him by the U.S.

by | June 05, 2018 | 11:29

One of those contacts was an encrypted message that outlined Manafort's "summary", prosecutors said, "that the Hapsburg group never lobbied in the United States". "We should talk. I have made clear that they worked in Europe", Manafort's text said. Manafort has pleaded not guilty on all of the charges against him.

by | June 05, 2018 | 11:30

About 70 percent of women with the most common form of early stage breast cancer can be spared the "agony of chemotherapy", United States researchers say. In recent years, oncologists have warned that women with early-stage breast cancer are possibly being overtreated. Past experiments revealed that one group of people particular results of the genetic test would benefit from a combination of endocrine therapy and chemotherapy.

by | June 05, 2018 | 11:28

In arguing that Trump has the power to end an investigation or pardon people, his lawyers left open the possibility that they were referring only to a probe into his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and not necessarily an investigation of the president, the New York Times said.

by | June 05, 2018 | 10:46

The Afghan Ulema Council represents the country's most respected and influential Muslim clerics. Aziz added that had the attacker penetrated deeper, the casualty numbers could have been significantly higher. "It is illegal according to Islamic laws and it does nothing but shed the blood of Muslims". "We the religious scholars call on the Taliban to give a positive response to the Afghan government's peace offer in order to prevent further bloodshed", the religious scholars said.

by | June 05, 2018 | 10:06

Janet Snyder, a spokeswoman for Hawaii County, said 117 homes have been burned down by red hot lava. Officials had previously been updating the number of structures burned because it was hard to tell from aerial surveys which were homes or other buildings.

by | June 05, 2018 | 09:35

Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to Russia to attend an upcoming global forum. Democrats also called on the White House to engage Congress throughout the diplomatic process, and stressed that were the Trump administration to start "veering off course" and sign an unsatisfactory deal, Republican and Democratic lawmakers would act.

by | June 05, 2018 | 09:28

A Reuters witness near the volcano said more people had been evacuated beyond a five-mile perimeter from the site after the latest explosion. The eruption resulted in the deaths of at least 38 people, in addition to the hundreds of injuries that occurred from the eruption of Volcan de Fuego, or "Volcano of Fire".

by | June 05, 2018 | 08:57

He said, today Israel and Russian Federation are engaged in intensive discussions concerning, first of all, the Iranian military presence in Syria, which is "aimed against Israel". Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem speaks during a press conference in Damascus, Syria, on June 2, 2018. Al-Moallem said that only when US troops withdraw from the Tanf area near the Jordanian border can an agreement be discussed.

by | June 05, 2018 | 08:56

Last month, in its first report since the US withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal that Israel also opposes, the IAEA said that Iran continues to stay below the maximum level to which it allowed to enrich uranium and appears to be fulfilling other obligations.

by | June 05, 2018 | 08:35

After meeting with former North Korean military intelligence chief Kim Yong Chol , Trump announced that the Summit with North Korea will go forward. Typically, the person with the higher status enters the summit venue last and sits farthest from the door, said a Japanese official who had attended past dialogues between Japanese and North Korean officials.

by | June 04, 2018 | 21:36

There was a video tribute for the victims, their families having provided photographs of them. "Here's what will matter: you, the class of 2018, will have graduated". "We have to make sure that the people that are in power that refuse to take action on this are no longer in power". He added: "I just want to say I stand behind you guys and I'll be marching alongside you with my wife and two children in show our support".

by | June 04, 2018 | 21:28

Prime Minister Theresa May told President Donald Trump on Monday that USA tariffs imposed on European Union steel and aluminium imports were "unjustified and deeply disappointing" during a phone call, her spokesman said . The metal tariffs imposed on the European Union and Canada are the latest escalation by the USA on the trade front that has roiled financial markets for months and prompted the International Monetary Fund to warn of a trade war that could undermine the broadest global ...

by | June 04, 2018 | 21:29

Trump described the formation of the Special Counsel as "totally unconstitutional", but said that he would continue to cooperate with the investigation . Trump's pardon power, as well as its possible limits, became a subject of interest after The Washington Post reported last July, as the Russian Federation investigation picked up steam, that the president asked his advisers whether he could pardon aides, family members, and possibly himself.

by | June 04, 2018 | 21:25

The teen at the center of the case entered the US illegally in September as a 17-year-old and was taken to a federally funded shelter in Texas for minors who enter the country without their parents. Of the 50 states, 21 including Colorado have anti-discrimination laws protecting gay people. So Mullins and Craig filed a complaint with the state commission on civil rights, which ruled in their favor, as did the state supreme court.

by | June 04, 2018 | 21:01

The two victims from the Scottsdale shooting, Veleria Sharp , 48, and Laura Anderson , 49, were paralegals at law firm Burt Feldman Greneir. Pitt, who consulted with law enforcement on a handful of prominent cases, including the JonBenet Ramsey murder and the Jodi Arias trial, was shot and killed outside his Phoenix office on Thursday night.

by | June 04, 2018 | 20:47

Dereck Stewart of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. "I'm even more heartbroken today as to what he endured", Bledsoe said, noting that he had watched video related to the crime that was "very disturbing", but declined to elaborate on the footage.

by | June 04, 2018 | 20:41

The dispute is over President Donald Trump's new levies on steel and aluminium imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union , prompting threats of retaliatory action. Ross had said the delegations had discussed specific U.S. exports China might purchase to ease the $337bn trade imbalance, but the talks ended with no joint statement and neither side released details.

by | June 04, 2018 | 20:26

Everyone is asking where in the world the US First Lady, Melania Trump , is. The White House announced four days later that Melania Trump had been hospitalised to treat a kidney condition. She is expected to make an appearance at the Congressional Picnic in June. Asked how his wife was doing, a week after her return to the White House , he pointed towards what appeared to be an empty window, saying: "She's doing great".

by | June 04, 2018 | 20:23

More radically, according to the Times , the memo argues that because he has the power to stop the investigation, President Trump can not be accused of obstructing the investigation through his actions while it is ongoing. Giuliani noted that while Trump may have the power to pardon himself in the face of any indictments, he's hoping that is not the case. He added it would probably lead to an immediate impeachment .

by | June 04, 2018 | 20:18

But "there are much larger consequences in the future when nations lose the rapport of their neighbours", he warned. Under President Donald Trump's new National Security Strategy unveiled previous year, USA policymakers are now frequently pledging to defend a "free and open Indo-Pacific", a term that is more inclusive than the more widely used " Asia Pacific " as it encompasses the Indian Ocean and India, a key US ally that is also being threatened by Beijing's aggression.

by | June 03, 2018 | 19:08

The Kuwaiti draft also called for an "immediate, durable, and fully respected cease-fire" as well as asking U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to report on an "international protection mechanism" for Gaza . The Israeli military on Saturday said that it would investigate the death but said its troops worked "in accordance with standard operating procedures".

by | June 03, 2018 | 19:08

In the video, the off-duty agent quickly holsters his gun as some patrons flee and others appear shocked and confused. When the agent goes to pick it up, the gun is discharged. "No one really knew what was going on", Julie said. The FBI agent was questioned at Denver Police Headquarters before being released to an FBI supervisor .

by | June 03, 2018 | 18:52

At the same time, Trump said that he did not like the meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had with the North Korean leader this week, but he added that it could be a positive thing. North Korea's immediate neighbours took the news of the confirmed summit differently. North Korea has been eager to secure U.S. security guarantee of the Kim Jong-un regime in return for abandoning nuclear arsenal.

by | June 03, 2018 | 18:35

So that means the overall atmosphere for the talks appears to be quite positive. Within days, three teams of officials in the U.S., Singapore and the Korean demilitarized zone began meeting on preparations for the summit. What came out of the high-level talks between the two Koreas on June 1st? . North Korea has carried out six nuclear tests and numerous tests of ballistic missiles, all the while maintaining a barrage of belligerent rhetoric against its enemies, particularly the US.

by | June 03, 2018 | 18:36

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire also expressed his anger. Le Maire opened the door to negotiations over the tariffs, but said the ball is in the US court. " Mexico categorically rejects any unilateral, protectionist measures that distort trade in North America ", the country's under-secretary of foreign trade, Juan Carlos Baker, said in tweet .

by | June 03, 2018 | 18:28

The jury were absent when prosecutor Annabel Darlow asked that Rashid be re-indicted on four of the counts. He also admitted posting suggestions of which British football stadiums terrorists could strike following a deadly attack outside Besiktas's ground in Turkey and plotted to inject ice cream with poison.

by | June 03, 2018 | 18:26

Laval International President Jonathan Azzopardi says they have been countless meetings since the new tariffs were announced. "It would be a great pity if we ended up in a tit-for-tat trade dispute with our closest allies". Canada plans to impose similar taxes on steel and aluminum imports from the United States as well as to levy taxes on such goods as whiskey, orange juice and other food products.

by | June 03, 2018 | 18:25

A civilian, hit by a CRPF vehicle during clashes outside Srinagar's Jamia Masjid , succumbed to his injuries on Friday night, becoming the first casualty since the Centre announced halting of operations in Kashmir 18 days ago. "There was a senior officer in the vehicle who had gone to the field to check the paramilitary deployment when the vehicle came under heavy stone-throwing", he said.

by | June 03, 2018 | 18:23

But hope faded when US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced that the United States would impose tariffs of 25 per cent on steel and 10 per cent on aluminium from Canada and others from Friday. "His is a psychopath's trade war", Sachs said. Brazil, Argentina and Australia have agreed to limit steel shipments to the exchange for being spared the tariffs, the Commerce Department said.