by | November 10, 2018 | 00:59

The runway at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) has been opened for limited use, allowing flights scheduled for departure this morning to leave. The airline said it was providing local assistance. He noted that even though the extended runway was not complete that the sand served as a cushion.

by | November 09, 2018 | 08:36

Jahana Hayes is the first black woman elected to represent CT in Congress. Hayes, the 2016 National Teacher of the Year, will be serving Connecticut's 5th Congressional District, which includes areas in the northwestern part of the state.

by | November 09, 2018 | 08:16

After all the coverage of the Kavanaugh accusers, CNN and most of the major media outlets ignored the news about accusers who confessed to lying or were proven liars by the Senate investigation in a newly released report of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

by | November 09, 2018 | 07:38

The 737 Max 8 aircrafts that the company makes could be getting incorrect input from their "angle of attack" sensor, which is the angle of the airplane or its wings compared to wind. A Boeing spokesman said an investigation into the deadly crash revealed the faulty sensor. Boeing test pilot Jim Webb gives a thumbs-up from the cockpit of a 737 MAX 7 at Boeing Field, on March 16, 2018 in Seattle, Washington, after completing the plane's first flight.

by | November 09, 2018 | 07:07

You can't magically change your gender , You can't magically change your sex. My biological age is 45. "Nowhere are you so discriminated against as with your age", he was quoted as saying by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf on Oct 27. "I think this is a very good example of changing the world". "I agree with you: a lot of years ago we thought that was impossible", he said. "Whereas gender is something that follows you from birth to grave, and it determines almost everything - and not just ...

by | November 09, 2018 | 06:50

Democrats began to scent a big night in the U.S. midterm elections Tuesday with early results pointing to them seizing the House of Representatives from the Republicans in what would be a dramatic rebuke to President Donald Trump . The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee later said its volunteers had knocked on 26 million doors and made 30 million calls. The GOP's grasp of the Senate will allow Trump to easily appoint more federal judges.

by | November 09, 2018 | 06:34

That set off immediate alarm bells: Whitaker has been overtly critical of the broad scope granted to Mueller's team to probe beyond allegations Trump's campaign colluded with Russian Federation in 2016, into other ties between Trump, his family and aides, and Russian Federation - an investigation the president calls a "witch hunt".

by | November 09, 2018 | 05:53

Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said Long shot a security guard standing outside before entering the bar and firing on other staff. Long joined the Marines in 2008 and rose to the rank of corporal before leaving active service in 2013, Joseph Butterfield, a Marine spokesman, wrote in an email.

by | November 09, 2018 | 05:52

People, especially younger people, were offering the octogenarian affectionately known as RBG their own ribs on social media Thursday morning. "If Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs any of my bones or internal organs I don't need mine". The extent of Ginsburg's injury was not clear. The couple met on a blind date when she was 17 years old. Ginsburg's health has become the subject of much attention in recent years.

by | November 09, 2018 | 05:27

Joe Donnelly lost his bid for reelection in IN, and Republican Marsha Blackburn won the open Senate seat in Tennessee, a race that Democrats had hoped would slide into their column. Pennsylvania looked particularly daunting for Republicans after court-imposed redistricting and a rash of retirements put several seats in play. "The reasonable range of outcomes in the Senate still seems fairly wide, with a bigger GOP gain possible, or no gain at all or even a Democratic gain", they explained.

by | November 09, 2018 | 04:59

It all started when CNN's Acosta got into a heated debate with Trump after he asked the president about the migrant caravan. "To be honest. You aren't the best", he hit back. Matt Dornic, a vice-president at CNN, said: "Absolutely shameful, @PressSec ". However, this wound Trump up even more and he ended up saying he wasn't a huge fan of Alexander either.

by | November 09, 2018 | 04:31

The reporter tried to ask him another question before a female White House aide walked over to him. GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who was in attendance at the press conference , later wrote on Twitter , "We all value a free press, but it's unfortunate that some reporters seem more interested in getting their own cable show than doing their jobs".

by | November 09, 2018 | 04:29

Sessions offered his resignation letter the day after the 2018 midterms at the president's request. Whitaker has already come under fire for deeply critical views of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe that he'd made in the past. The move left unclear the fate of Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller and has overseen his probe from the beginning. Justice Department officials said that under normal circumstances, the deputy attorney general would likely play an ...

by | November 09, 2018 | 04:10

That's because Sessions had recused himself, calling it inappropriate that he lead an inquiry into Trump's 2016 presidential campaign of which he was a part. Now, though, Sessions is gone and the Justice Department says that means Whitaker's purview includes the special counsel's investigation. "We are immediately issuing multiple letters to key officials demanding that they preserve all relevant documents related to this action to make sure that the investigation and any evidence remains ...

by | November 09, 2018 | 04:09

People comfort each other as they stand near the scene in Thousand Oaks, Calif ., where a gunman opened fire Wednesday inside a country dance bar crowded with hundreds of people November 8, 2018. Gina Silva and Gigi Graciette reported from Thousand Oaks, Calif . Lisa Fernandez wrote from Oakland, Calif. They survived the deadliest mass shooting in recent US history just over one year ago.

by | November 08, 2018 | 06:32

In the leadup to the election, Republicans privately expressed confidence in their narrow Senate majority but feared the House could slip away. Today, the national economy is much stronger than when the red wave started, but there's a controversial Republican in the White House, and of the 36 governor's races this year, Republicans had to defend their turf in 26 of them.

by | November 08, 2018 | 06:25

Voters in a rural, overwhelmingly Republican district of Nevada have opted to elect a dead man accused of rape rather than a Democrat to the state's legislature. Hof's Love Ranch brothel about an hour outside of Las Vegas, the same brothel where National Basketball Association player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in 2015, is where Jeremy and a prostitute found Hof's body.

by | November 08, 2018 | 04:48

Attorney General Jeff Sessions submitted his resignation letter to President Donald Trump on November 7, according to reports. The President was furious when Mr Sessions recused himself from investigations into Russia's possible meddling in U.S.

by | November 08, 2018 | 03:43

We couldn't be prouder. "I don't think you can ever win the election with these words: 'I'm going to raise taxes.' I didn't advise him". Gillum replied: "My grandmother used to say a hit dog will holler". congress. DeSantis tried to connect with working-class families by pointing out in campaign ads that his first job paid $6 an hour and that he later traded in his work boots for military boots, highlighting his service in Iraq.

by | November 08, 2018 | 03:25

Trump has said the total number of troops could climb as high as 15 ,000, which CSBA calculates the price tag to be at approximately $90 million to $110 million. Unlike many other news organizations, we have not put up a paywall. One US official cautioned that a previous Trump administration request dating back to the spring for national guard troops to build facilities for migrants on military bases was still being deliberated.

by | November 08, 2018 | 03:05

On Tuesday, Boeing said that it released an Operations Manual Bulletin (OMB) to airlines on how to address problems when an angle of attack, or AOA, sensor provides erroneous readings. Minutes after takeoff the plane suddenly nose-dived hitting speeds of 600mph before slamming into the sea. Even if an angle of attack sensor on a jet is faulty, there's generally a backup system in place for the critical component, and pilots are trained to handle a plane safely if those sensors fail, ...

by | November 08, 2018 | 02:59

Voters in two states also elected the country's first Muslim women to the House: Rashida Tlaib , a former state legislator running in Detroit, and Ilhan Omar , a state legislator running in Minneapolis. There was also a historic gender gap that showed women more supportive of Democrats than Republicans . But as many more women ran, it was perhaps inevitable that many more would lose, as well.

by | November 08, 2018 | 02:46

Bredesen said he would be an independent voice in Washington, and Blackburn countered by tying him to national Democrats. These are not MY Tennessee values. I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent'. Taylor Swift , a pop star known for staying out of politics, eagerly got behind his campaign, too.

by | November 08, 2018 | 02:35

The latter switched the conversation to immigration. Acosta brought up the Trump ad that his network and others , including Fox News, refused to air as racist; it tied an illegal immigrant murderer to the caravan and warned of a Democratic takeover.

by | November 07, 2018 | 18:11

Before the result, Florida was one of the four states that did not restore voting rights to felons after serving their sentences. Amendment 4 passed by 64 percent and would re-enfranchise all felons in the state, save those convicted of murder or sex offenses.

by | November 07, 2018 | 18:08

House delegation. McSally is clinging to a 49.3 percent lead. McSally held a narrow lead, according to results posted on the Secretary of State's website, but potentially hundreds of thousands of votes statewide had yet to be counted as of midnight.

by | November 07, 2018 | 17:20

Iranian officials have denied the allegations. It's unlikely, however, that his letter to OPEC would lead to the dissolution of the committee. Lavrov spoke on Tuesday in Madrid, where he is holding talks with his Spanish counterpart. "We can not abide by them (the sanctions), we can not accept them", Erdogan said. Trump told reporters on Sunday that the sanctions are the strongest ever imposed by the US.

by | November 07, 2018 | 16:40

Rev. Forba said security officers visited the school on Tuesday and took away the vice principal and another member of staff for interrogation. He had earlier put the number of children taken at 79, but one of them was, in fact, a teacher, who remains with the kidnappers.

by | November 07, 2018 | 15:41

Self-described Democratic Socialist Ilhan Omar won Minnesota's 5th District race, where she easily defeated Republican activist Jennifer Zielinski on a platform that includes health care for all and a $15 minimum wage. Since leaving the Legislature, Tlaib has worked as an attorney for the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice. In August, she emerged as the victor of a Democratic primary for a seat vacated by John Conyers, a longtime liberal lion who stepped down in December ...

by | November 07, 2018 | 15:32

Traffic in Brooklyn will be more chaotic than usual this week, as court proceedings against notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera begin at a Brooklyn Federal Court on Monday. In 2016, an average of 174 Americans died every day from drug overdoses. The trial is set to begin Monday with jury selection. U.S. district court judge Brian Cogan will preside over the process behind closed doors .

by | November 07, 2018 | 15:30

A network spokesperson pleaded against Hannity taking the stage with the president in a statement on Tuesday. Whilst Trump's campaign had billed Hannity as a "special guest", Fox News said that this wasn't the case yesterday. "They say we're divisive, but we're not divisive, we're defending an America that has strayed from its founding", he said. Following Hannity's brief remarks, Trump introduced Jeanine Pirro .

by | November 07, 2018 | 15:13

Deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said Gregory Logan Ramos confessed to the crime after originally trying to trick investigators into thinking his home had been burglarized while he was in school. "He went to school, left school early, which is where his story began to fall apart", Chitwood said. "By all accounts she was an incredible human being", Chitwood said.

by | November 07, 2018 | 14:19

District Attorney Wade Newell said the girl was in foster care at a home in Tilden, WI, which also served as an in-home daycare, on October 30, when she accidentally dropped the 6-month-old boy. Judy Schneider said her 6-year-old grandson doesn't understand that they're gone. Treu is expected to appear at a bond hearing at 10 a.m. Monday. Apparently, the girl was removed from her biological parents' home in September this year.

by | November 07, 2018 | 13:54

She addressed her supporters early Wednesday morning, in a speech far more characteristic of a campaign than a concession. The elections chief wasn't immune to the difficulties: When Kemp went to cast his ballot, he had an issue with his voter card, but it was fixed quickly.

by | November 07, 2018 | 11:28

They also held onto competitive seats in Texas, where Sen. Realistically, Democrats wouldn't have expected to win all these races. The president was a constant presence on the campaign trail in the last six months, but he rarely stopped by to help House Republicans - an illustration of how intensely unpopular he was in suburban districts across the country, and his decision to train his fire only on motivating hardline base voters to ensure he'd keep the Senate .