Kim Jong-un Reshuffles North Korean Government, Tightens Control

Kim Jong-un Reshuffles North Korean Government, Tightens Control

Trump and Kim have met twice, in Hanoi in February and Singapore in June, building good will but failing to agree on a deal to lift sanctions in exchange for North Korea abandoning its nuclear and missile programs.

"The US said recently that it is thinking again of a third DPRK-US summit and have been strongly implying problem-solving through dialogue", Kim continued.

Kim said USA leaders "mistakenly believe that if they pressure us to the maximum, they can subdue us".

The comments comes just one day after Mr Trump, at the start of talks in Washington with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, floated the possibility of further meetings with Mr Kim.

The United States has said the summit in Vietnam broke down because of the North's excessive demands for sanctions relief in return for limited disarmament measures.

Kim said that he will wait for the United States to decide " until the end of this year", according to KCNA.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un poses with members of the newly-formed Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly at Mansudae Assembly Hall in Pyongyang

In Hanoi, the U.S. came with "completely unrealisable plans" and was "not really ready to sit with us face-to-face and solve the problem", Kim said. "But they continue to ignore the basic way of the new DPRK-US relations, including withdrawing hostile policies, and mistakenly believe that if they pressure us to the maximum, they can subdue us".

NPRlooked at the changes Kim made and found it hard to guess exactly what he thinks the next step will be since he did not back away from either "negotiations with the USA or a self-imposed moratorium on testing of missiles and bombs". -North Korea summit at the Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel in Hanoi, Feb. 28, 2019. The US President said he wants sanctions on North Korea to remain in place, though he doesn't want to increase them.

"The South should not act as an "overstepping mediator" or a "facilitator" and should rather get its mind straight as a member of the (Korean) nation and boldly speak up for the interest of the nation", Mr. Kim said.

"First of all, it is necessary for the United States to stop the current way of calculation and approach us with a new way of calculation", Kim said in Pyongyang at the first meeting of the 14th session of the Supreme People's Assembly of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, KCNA reports.

However, the North Koreans disputed the U.S. account of how the negotiations broke down.

Some experts say it's becoming clear the North intends to turn the talks with the United States into a bilateral arms reduction negotiation between two nuclear states, rather than a unilateral process of surrendering its arsenal.

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