Northern Lights could be visible in NI

Northern Lights could be visible in NI

The lights will be visible along and north of the state border between IN and MI.

When the CME hits Earth, all those particles colliding with Earth's magnetic field could turn up the range and the intensity of the aurora, also known as the northern and southern lights.

That's according to the Met Office who says they could be visible between 3-9pm, because a solar geomagnetic storm is on its way.

Further north, in the Scottish Highlands, or east, in Dundee and Aberdeen, the sky is likely to be clearer.

The solar flare has prompted the NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center to issue a G2 or moderator geomagnetic storm watch.

The Northern Lights, as described by the Northern Lights Centre, are "actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere".

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With the Northern Lights visible to see tonight, here is our amateurs guide to photographing the famous aurora borealis.

That's mostly due to a solar flare that belched ionized solar wind towards Earth on March 20.

If they do reach parts of the Northeast and Midwest, the best viewing would be in areas away from city lights and in clear, cloudless skies.

Scotland is where the Aurora is most likely to be seen, since it is further north.

The Northern lights are such a spectacular sight, people often travel to places like Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland hoping to see them.

"As a result, aurora may be visible in Scotland where cloud breaks". A dazzling atmospheric light show known as the Northern Lights might be visible from parts of New Jersey and NY state, experts say.

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