Order books for new Volkswagen ID hatchback to open in May

Order books for new Volkswagen ID hatchback to open in May

With the simpler configuration of Volkswagen's MEB electric drivetrain, the conversion of its models to right drive make plans to have a presence in both the United Kingdom and Australia an easy task, McGuiness says.

Despite the company's grand electrification plan, Diess did admit that battery cost continues to be a problem and will particularly be so when it comes to smaller cars.

With more fully automated production lines like this one at its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, Volkswagen will have less need for workers.

The company also plans to emulate Tesla in the way it will be building its future vehicles.

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The brand's goal is to become the world's number 1 producer of electric vehicles by 2025 - and sell more than a million electric units a year by this point. 'Fully-electric cars are the most efficient way to cut Carbon dioxide emissions.' Diess is pushing forward with the industry's most ambitious electrification plan, using VW's heft to lower costs as regulators pick up the pace on emissions regulation. More than 20 further models across all VW's brands are proposed to be built on the MEB electric platform. The move will likely be a big gamble for the company, which is now suffering from strained revenues caused by high expenditure on electric drivetrain technologies. "To share costs, VW is in 'very good talks" with Ford to expand a planned collaboration on light commercial vehicles to autonomous driving.

Diess had told investors at the company's recent annual earnings press conference that VW is aiming to take the leap like no other manufacturer in the industry.

"We are still a few years off receiving them but will be part of an early global introduction of models around 2021-22". VW puts a lot of faith in its MEB platform that it spent so much time developing for easy EV creation, so we'll how well that work out. This includes the recently unveiled Porsche Taycan and the Audi E-Tron.

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