Trump issues veto over border emergency declaration

Trump issues veto over border emergency declaration

"Look, they were doing what they have to do", Trump said, insisting he "put no pressure" on lawmakers to vote against the resolution because he realized that the measure was likely to pass. "This is not about the president or border security, in fact I support border security, I support a barrier".

President Donald Trump on Friday vetoed legislation attempting to strike down his declaration of a national emergency at the southern border during an Oval Office event from the White House.

While Democrats control the House, they would need a total of 67 votes in the Senate to override Mr Trump's veto. Unless more Republicans defect from the president's position, neither margin would be sufficient to override a veto.

Trump expressed pride in the Republicans who did not vote to support the resolution and said later that he had sympathy for those who defied him, adding they did what they had to do.

The declaration of an emergency allowed the administration to access over $6bn in additional funds not appropriated by Congress to build the wall.

The president wants to use the emergency order to divert billions of federal dollars earmarked for defence spending towards the southern border wall.

"We tried to cut a deal", Lee said.

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Republicans, Pelosi said, "will have to choose between their partisan hypocrisy and their sacred oath to support and defend the Constitution".

Thursday's vote was the first direct challenge to the 1976 National Emergencies Act, just as a Wednesday vote on Yemen was the first time Congress invoked the decades-old War Powers Act to try to rein in a president.

Recent months have seen a surge in unauthorized crossings of the USA border with Mexico.

Flanked by law enforcement officials as well as the parents of children killed by people in the country illegally, Trump said, "Our immigration system is stretched beyond the breaking point" and called the congressional action "dangerous" and "reckless". The fate of Trump's emergency declaration will be left up to the courts, where various legal battles are ongoing. The measure ultimately passed 59-41, and Trump immediately vowed to veto.

"I think actually a national emergency was designed for a specific objective like this, so we have a great case", Trump said.

Barr also made remarks and said President Trump's emergency declaration on the issue is "firmly grounded" in the law.

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