Some Calgary flights cancelled after Canada grounds Boeing 737 MAX jets

Some Calgary flights cancelled after Canada grounds Boeing 737 MAX jets

On Wednesday, President Trump issued an emergency order to ground Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, following the fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday which killed 157 people, with no survivors.

It didn't take long for numerous world's airlines and air travel governing bodies to issue a ban on Boeing's 737 MAX 8 commercial airliner after a crash in Ethiopia took the lives of 157 people.

In a statement signed by the Director General of the agency, Silas Udahemuka, the authority said that the ban takes effect immediately and remain in effect till further notice.

Reports noted that the evidence helped convince us regulators to ground Boeing 737 model planes. 'Hey I booked with you, is that my plane?' " she said.

The flight data and cockpit voice recorders were handed over to France's Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) on Thursday.

"(Collins Aerospace) has standard flight deck positions on all Next-Generation 737 airplanes, but the 737 MAX marks the company's largest contribution to date on any single aisle jet", the company wrote in a press release last October.

Cape Town - The families of those who died on board the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 have been allowed to visit the site for the first time, al Jazeera reports.

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The 373 MAX, the fourth generation of the 737, was launched in 2016 and gained its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification on March 8 2018. "It's why United States aviation has been so incredibly safe and frankly why aviation has been safe around the world", said Elwell.

The 737 was the best-selling model in the aviation industry and was the top earner for Boeing.

Investigators have drawn similarities between the crashes, and focused their attention on the aircrafts' anti-stall system.

The two black boxes from the plane that came down just 6 minutes after takeoff from Addis Ababa on Sunday were taken to Paris on Thursday.

The pilot of the Ethiopian Airlines flight had reported internal control problems and received permission to return.

Boeing still insists that it has "full confidence in the safety" of its aircraft.

With airlines scrambling to re-book passengers on different planes, Niemczyk recommended travellers stay patient.

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