Jaguar Attacks Woman Who Climbed Zoo Barrier for Selfie

Jaguar Attacks Woman Who Climbed Zoo Barrier for Selfie

At some point shortly thereafter, the jaguar reached its two front paws outside the cage and grabbed the woman's arm.

"The person involved met privately with zoo officials to acknowledge her regret for her role in the past weekend's events".

The woman apologized to the zoo after the incident was over, although she did not admit to climbing over the concrete barrier.

"She won't be put down", the zoo tweeted in response to someone's inquiry about the animal.

On Sunday, the zoo assured people that "nothing will happen to our jaguar".

The jaguar that attacked an Arizona woman - who jumped a barrier to snap a selfie with the feline - will not be euthanized, zoo officials said Sunday.

Michele Flores was at the zoo with her son and grandkids when she saw the attack. Wilkerson said he heard screams for help and didn't think when he ran to help the woman.

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Upon seeing the foreign object, the jaguar loosened its grip on the woman's arm, snagging only her orange sweatshirt.

Bystanders were able to pull the woman to safety by distracting the cat with a plastic water bottle. A video of the incident shows the park goer writhing in pain with a gash on her arm. "The jaguar just goes after the bottle".

"There's no way to fix people crossing barriers", said zoo director Mickey Ollson, AzFamily reported in another article.

Officials have released the 911 call after a jaguar attacked a woman at the Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix.

She returned to the zoo on Sunday to express regret for her actions, saying she loved the zoo and "feels frightful about the bad publicity the zoo is getting regarding the incident".

Following the incident, Kitty Block, the president of The Humane Society of the United States issued a statement calling for zoos to "set a higher standard to protect people and to respect wildlife from a safe distance", the Washington Post reported.

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