Google refuses to remove Saudi-government app that tracks women

Google refuses to remove Saudi-government app that tracks women

However, it also offers a feature that allows Saudi male guardian to record their wives, children, and servants as "dependents" and get the authority to grant or withdraw travel permission for the dependents they have social jurisdiction over. The app can also send alerts if a woman uses her passport. In Saudi Arabia, women can not leave the country without permission from their husbands or fathers. The development comes after two Human Right group approached Google and asked them to ban saying that it discriminates against women living in Saudi Arabia.

In a press release Speier said: "The ingenuity of American technology companies should not be perverted to violate the human rights of Saudi women".

A group of 14 members of the House of Representatives, including the body's first two Muslim-American women, Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, demanded that Google and Apple ban the app in a letter sent February 21 to the tech giants. Both companies launched internal investigations into the app. According to Business Insider, Google communicated the decision to the office of Representative Jackie Speier, a California Democrat who, with other members of Congress, demanded the removal of the app. Meanwhile, Apple did not immediately responded to the request for comment on the status of its review of the app or whether it plans to keep it in the App Store. Thus "restricting the free movement of Saudi women and migrant workers".

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It is to be noted that it is the same group that forced Apple to remove the Living Hope Ministry app in December previous year.

Speier accused the tech firms of "facilitating the detention of women seeking asylum and fleeing abuse and control unequivocally causes harm" and informed the media that she would be "following up on this issue with my colleagues".

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have expressed concern about the app which have been downloaded from the Google and Apple stores more than one millions times.

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