EA Admits Anthem is Crashing Some PS4 Systems

EA Admits Anthem is Crashing Some PS4 Systems

The current iteration of Bioware's Anthem is buggy, to say the least. Whatever the cause, there's now a long list of tweets at the AskPlaystation Twitter account asking for refunds due to the issue.

After a weekend of user reports and complaints, EA admitted on Monday night that Anthem is crashing PS4 consoles. There's an official thread right here, but it's light on details - there's no official word on a patch that will fix the issue for PlayStation 4 "Anthem" players.

The first post came from a Reddit user named /u/forthemasters, who complained that Anthem was the only game that caused his PS4 to turn off entirely when the it crashed.

Those experiencing the issue, including a poster on the Anthem forum, allege their consoles react to the crashes as if "someone pulled the plug without properly shutting the hardware down or if the power went out in the house". The combat is stellar, I love the characters and while the story is definitely macho bromance with just the four guys in the party, it's a touching one of true friendship between these four dudes.

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But this issue is also being reported on the Xbox One. Initially, reports of these system crashes were not responded to by requests for comment, but now EA has finally acknowledged the issue. I'd rather not hear of people throwing money at a new console despite the "bricked" one being completely recoverable.

Updated March 5 with a tweet from EA calling for crash data reports.

It's the equivalent of outright pulling the plug from the console. As in, making the console not work anymore. Upon restarting their consoles, players are reportedly met with error code CE-36329-3, which PlayStation describes as a "system software" error.

When it comes to refund policies, Sony has one of the strictest refund policies out there. I do this each time. "Then I can press the controller button and sign back into the PS4".

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