Ten countries responsible for three-quarters of measles cases past year

Ten countries responsible for three-quarters of measles cases past year

- Doctors around the country are encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated in the wake of a major measles outbreak in Washington state.

Ten countries, including Brazil, the Philippines and France, accounted for almost three-quarters of the total increase in measles cases in 2018, according to figures released by the UN's agency for children. "I urge parents not to take any risks that may jeopardize their children or other children in their community".

Brazil had the third most cases of measles in 2018 with 10,262.

The largest increase in the number of patients in 2018 is in Ukraine, the Philippines and Brazil. "Yeah, in third-world countries they're dying of measles", Zedler said, according to reports.

This number may soon by trumped in 2019 as NY is now experiencing its worst outbreak in decades and Washington state is fighting one of its own with 66 confirmed cases already for this year, according to the Washington State Department of Health.

"Once infected, there is no specific treatment for measles, so vaccination is a life-saving tool for children", it said. In fact, the virus can live and be passed to someone up to two hours after an infected person has left the room.

The health authority also says it has received more vaccines, and will be getting more next week.

Ukraine saw the highest on-year increase with 35,120 reported cases in 2018.

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Early symptoms include fever, cough, runny nose, and red, watery eyes. These figures show that if vaccine usage and coverage is not picked up, other countries and communities remain susceptible to measles.

"This is just another reason that everybody else that is able to get the vaccine should get it as there is something called herd immunity where people are immunized around them, so people who can not get immunized are protected from the disease", she added.

In Yemen, where three years of conflict has led to a measles outbreak, local authorities with support from UNICEF, the World Health Organization and GAVI, vaccinated more than 11.5 million children last month.

"I find it unconscionable that there may be physicians who are trying to profit off of parental fears", said Dr. Sophia Jan, who directs pediatrics at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park, N.Y.

The report also specifically calls out the rise in measles cases around the globe, as a result of "vaccine hesitancy".

If you call for an ambulance because you think you have the measles, emergency workers say you could end up making matters worse. Adults 18 years of age and older, born in or after 1970 require two doses of measles vaccine; children 12 months to less than 18 years of age, health care workers and adults attending post-secondary institutions are required to have two doses; those born before 1970 are generally considered immune.

The virus is common in developing countries, particularly in areas of Africa and Asia, according to WHO.

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