Blizzard Debuts Its Latest ‘Overwatch’ Hero Baptiste

Blizzard Debuts Its Latest ‘Overwatch’ Hero Baptiste

"For some, that means a bandage", he says in his origin story video.

Immortality Field: Baptiste uses a device to create a field that prevents allies from dying.

By first crouching, Baptiste can jump higher. With Regenerative Burst, Baptiste activates an intense surge that heals himself and nearby allies over time.

Blizzard has yet to offer an official release date, but Baptiste will be hitting the public test realm sometime soon. The generator can be destroyed. His alternate fire lobs grenades that heal allies near the point of impact.

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Blizzard recently also released a new assault map set in Paris, but they haven't had a proper developer update now for several months. He was born in Haiti right before the Omnic Crisis took place, which he was orphaned by. There were limited opportunities and resources in his devastated hometown so he chose to join the army to become a combat medic and help other people who are suffering.

Blizzard debuted the latest hero of "Overwatch" in a new Origin Story video, introducing the Haitian combat medic Baptiste. Talon plans to track him down and "talk some sense into him", and if that fails, the orders are to kill him. However, Talon was unforgiving and dispatched a team to eliminate Baptiste.

I know it's reductive to think of a new Overwatch hero in terms of existing designs, but Baptiste makes me think of a cross between Junkrat's penchant for lobbing explosives, Ana's Biotic Grenade that creates a splash of healing for teammates, and Winston's Barrier Projector that offers unbelievable teamwide protection.

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