Medical Emergency Leads to Panic At San Francisco Theater Showing "Hamilton"

Medical Emergency Leads to Panic At San Francisco Theater Showing

A message to theater spokesman Scott Kane hasn't been returned.

Ana Giulia, another audience member, tweeted: "Disappointed and frustrated for going through hell on a night that was meant to be wonderful because of a lack of protocol and organization". Police at the scene told Rajaee that a woman was having a heart attack.

"The producers of Hamilton and SHN are reviewing the events that brought an abrupt end to the performance in San Francisco last night and resulted in alarm and confusion for the audience at the SHN Orpheum Theatre", it reads. "People were actively exiting the theater, jumping into police cars thinking there was an active shooter". "The original patient who required an [automated external defibrillator] had a return of pulses with CPR and paramedic and remains in critical condition", the San Francisco Fire Department tweeted.

The chaos from the alarm caused "an unorganized rapid exit of the theater", which lead to multiple injuries including a broken leg and other moderate damage from the stampede.

The theater's explanation on Twitter did not sit well with some who attended.

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A San Francisco Fire Department security officer was working security at the door and responded when audience members began to evacuate.

"I was there with my 6 and 9 year old", she tweeted.

Once audience member, however, took issue with the assertion that an announcement took place, writing that there was "absolutely NO announcement", "mass chaos", and "absolutely no support and direction from SHN staff".

According to CNN, the show did not continue after the incident.

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