Trump installed $50K golf simulator system in White House residence

Trump installed $50K golf simulator system in White House residence

In addition to regularly playing the game, Trump owns a total of 16 golf courses in both the U.S. and overseas. The simulated was an upgrade of an older and less sophisticated simulator that had been installed under President Obama. The simulator, installed in the last few weeks at a cost of $50,000, replaces an earlier model installed during the Obama administration.

But Trump has not used it yet, and does not plan to use it during his unstructured "executive time" during the day, when he works the phones and stays on top of the news, an official said.

So much so, according to a new Washington Post report, that he's had a new personal golf simulator installed at the White House.

The news of the golf simulator was first reported by The Washington Post.

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Even so, the Post writes that the golf simulator was installed at around the same time the president was presiding over the longest federal government shutdown in American history. Rather than ranking the skill levels of our Commander in Chiefs, we chose to come up with a few stories and fun facts that describe the relationship between the presidents and the game of golf.

Being president of the United States of America isn't easy, but scheduling in a fair deal of "executive time" helps Donald Trump get through it.

The simulator, which brand is not known publicly at this point, allows the president to play virtual rounds of golf at some of the most famous and iconic of global courses.

Before Barry, there had never been a golf simulator in the White House.

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