Ariana Grande's thank u, next shines with standout tracks

Ariana Grande's thank u, next shines with standout tracks

The video for the song, which Grande dropped at the same time as the album, mysteriously suggests another interpretation of the song that more closely aligns with the self-love hinted within "thank u, next". Grande sings, "I read the things they write about me/ hear what they're saying on the TV, it's crazy/ it's getting hard for them to shock me/ but every now and then, it's shocking, don't blame me/ I know it's the life that I chose/ but baby, I'm grateful, I want you to know". After she dropped the names of the songs on her Instagram on January 22, the most buzzed was "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored".

The album consists of 12 tracks, with each song highlighting Grande's views on dating, relationships and self-care.

What makes these songs and this album so great is the fact that there is nothing to hide behind.

The lyrics and music video has sparked controversy for queer-baiting and homewrecking a relationship, but most viewers missed the whole message of the video.

The girlfriend in the video is Ariana, hence the similarities between Ariana and Ariel.

The main chorus of this song is, "I know that it breaks your heart when I cry again over him". A lyricist through and through, Grande evokes vivid imagery with her lyrics. 3.

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And what does Grande think about all of this? First off, it slips further into Black aesthetics than the singer has done previously, bringing up legitimate questions of cultural appropriation and whether she has gone too far. She owns up to her faults and codependence rather than blaming someone else for her own issues, which adds to her vulnerability. "Cool. We definitely just closed that chapter.' You know what I mean?" "Sweetener" was nearly too positive, including some beats produced by Pharrell Williams, while "thank u, next" is a more honest reality check.

It is a credit to Grande that while she is coming from a place of pain, the darkness never overwhelms.

In "Bad idea" Grande sings about using someone as a distraction of a past love, with no strings attached. After the initial recording, she and Davidson were off but they got back on soon after. An anthem for all of the people who are happily single and taking pride in it.

But as you move down the track list the similarities between songs is nowhere to be found. From her breakup with boyfriend of three years Mac Miller, getting swept up in a whirlwind engagement with Pete Davidson, then breaking up with Davidson after the unexpected death of Miller, as well as an ill-advised hand tattoo, she has truly had a time of it. Who would've thought it'd turn me to a savage?"-and "NASA"-"you don't wanna leave me but I'm tryna self discover".

"In my relationship at the time, things were like up and down, and on and off", she said said. However, if one listens to the lyrics and takes into account what has happened to her recently, it is clears this album is much deeper.

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