'Breaking Bad' Movie Is Reportedly Coming To Netflix

'Breaking Bad' Movie Is Reportedly Coming To Netflix

The series originally aired all five seasons on AMC when it was first released, but was an instant streaming hit when the episodes arrived on Netflix.

Representatives for AMC, Netflix and producers Sony Pictures TV all declined to comment.

And now for a little Breaking news.

There are numerous ways to watch (or re-watch for an eighth time) Breaking Bad: AMC, iTunes, old-fashioned DVDs.

Deadline reports that the movie will stream first on Netflix, then air on AMC - a reversal from the original series. The logline, reported by the Albuquerque Journal last fall, follows the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom. Even Gilligan himself acknowledged that when accepting the show's first Emmy for Best Drama. Gilligan credited the streamer for its contribution to the show's success in his 2013 Emmy acceptance speech, saying that he thinks Netflix helped keep the show on the air.

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We found out about Vince Gilligan's forthcoming Breaking Bad "sequel" movie back in November, and in the time since there's been much speculation as to what, exactly, that sequel would entail. "Television has changed a lot in six years [since Breaking Bad premiered]", he told reporters. "Not only are we standing up here [with the Emmy], I don't think our show would have even lasted beyond season two", he said.

It is unknown if Bryan Cranston, who played main character Walter White in the series, would appear in the film. The movie will be a sequel to the events of Breaking Bad, which means it's unlikely we'd see Walter White again, but perhaps some other familiar faces could pop up.

Vince Gilligan will write and executive produce the project with collaborators Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein. The show also generated a spinoff, the highly acclaimed "Better Call Saul", which will return for a fifth season later this year.

Production is set to finish this month in New Mexico.

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