Lottery victor claims prize in "Scream" mask to hide identity

Lottery victor claims prize in

Campbell, the Jamaican victor posed with his winning at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston last week. Along with wearing the mask, the person reportedly wore gloves, a long coat, and trousers to hide their identity.

Identified only as A Campbell, the victor of Jamaica's JM$158.4 million Super Lotto arrived at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston looking like he was more ready for a Halloween party than anything else.

A regular player, who picks his own numbers, Campbell said he was physically sick after learning of his win - to the point that he actually forgot he won. "[Wondering] if what I've been longing for really come true", Campbell said. "From the day I found out that I won, I've been sick".

The victor also told Loop that the winning numbers came to him in a dream, and the first thing he will do with the cash is buy a house. So I'm looking at things that can turn over the money.

Determined to protect his identity, the victor collected his $1.6 million wearing a scream mask.

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"Unfortunately, Jamaica is not like other markets", Clarke-Cooper told the newspaper about the lottery.

"They usually don't need our help, and they are usually very creative, perhaps beyond anything that we could think of or imagine, and it has been very effective over the years", she continued.

'Normally, I would write down the numbers from the [televised] draw, eat and then go and check my numbers, ' he said. The owners of the Super Lotto even put out advertisements urging the victor to claim the prize before reaching the 90-day deadline.

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