Andrea Leadsom hints ‘meaningful vote’ may happen days before Brexit departure

Andrea Leadsom hints ‘meaningful vote’ may happen days before Brexit departure

With just over six weeks before Britain's scheduled exit day on March 29, the move is meant to reassure members from across the House of Commons who are concerned that May is deliberately running down the clock and risking a potentially disastrous no-deal divorce.

However, MPs are still expected to debate and vote on amendments to the Brexit deal on Thursday although it will not be known until later what those amendments are likely to be.

Carney said a successful Brexit deal could lead to a new form of worldwide trade built on a better balance between local and supranational interests.

Theresa May today told MPs that they would get another vote on the next steps in the Brexit process later this month if she fails to secure changes from the EU.

Just hours after her Brexit deal was decimated in the Commons, May and the Conservatives faced a confidence vote tabled by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

"We shouldn't be put in a position where the clock is run down and the prime minister says it's either my deal or even worse".

But senior Tories favouring a hard Brexit were angry she had refused to rule it out completely and had left the door open for more talks.

"We now all need to hold our nerve to get the changes this house has required and deliver Brexit on time", May is due to tell MPs.

The opposition was having none of this. The free flow of people and goods across the frontier has been an important measure upholding Northern Ireland's peace deal.

With less than 50 days to go to Brexit day on March 29, firms have no idea what the country's new trading relationship with the European Union will look like, so they're taking a safety-first approach.

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson indicated he would be willing to accept a time limit on the Brexit backstop as his price for backing the PM's Withdrawal Agreement.

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She promised to update Parliament at the end of the month but there is growing concern the talks will drag on into March and that the last chance to strike a deal will be at a two-day summit of European Union leaders starting on March 21, just eight days before the United Kingdom is slated to leave the bloc.

The great worry is if Britain crashes out of the bloc without a trade deal that would put serious impediments including tariffs on EU-U.K. trade, which will damage both sides.

May's political opponents accuse the government of deliberately wasting time until lawmakers face a last-minute choice between her deal and no deal. "She is playing for time, and playing with people's jobs, our economic security and the future of our industries".

House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom, who is in charge of the parliamentary timetable, denied that the government was wasting time.

The PM indicated she could well table a deal later than this, saying that the government would, if needed, seek to set aside the usual rules which dictate that global treaties need 21 parliamentary working days before they can be ratified.

"It is a negotiation".

"We now all need to hold our nerve", May will tell lawmakers, according to the BBC.

But in the case of a "no-deal" Brexit, those agreements will no longer apply to Swiss-British relations, and the new bilateral trade agreement between the two countries will kick in.

Lawmakers may be unnerved by the latest round of financial data, which showed Monday that Britain's economy slowed past year to its weakest growth rate since the global financial crisis. "We must have our own, independent trade policy", May's spokesman said on Monday.

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