Amy Klobuchar Joins Growing List of Democrats With a 2020 Presidential Bid

Amy Klobuchar Joins Growing List of Democrats With a 2020 Presidential Bid

A Klobuchar campaign aide said the senator "loves her staff".

Ms. Klobuchars campaign announcement came amid several news reports that staff in her Senate office were asked to do menial tasks, including some personal in nature like laundry, making it hard for her to hire high-level campaign strategists.

Klobuchar won re-election to her U.S Senate seat in the state of Minnesota for a third term on November 6.

The Huffington Post reported three staffers withdrew from consideration to lead Klobuchar's campaign, in part because of her work history with staff.

Klobuchar's team believes there is an opening in the Democratic primary for someone who is able to relate to voters in Iowa because of her local ties, but is also able to talk to Democrats eager to beat Trump in 2020 as well as win back Trump voters.

While numerous high-profile Democrats already in the race are in the progressive lane - liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren formally declared her candidacy Saturday - Klobuchar has quietly gained attention in Washington as a centrist. "This is a guy who skipped a visit to a US cemetery in France of USA veterans because he, poor baby, was afraid to get his little hair wet".

A talented orator with a flair for the dramatic, he drew attention for his performance during confirmation hearings of Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. "With today's announcement, Klobuchar has shown her true colors to the people of Minnesota as another out-of-touch Democrat looking to push the failed policies of her party onto the American people".

Klobuchar, who already is scheduled to speak on February 21 in Iowa, site of the nation's first caucuses on the nominating calendar, says she doesn't have "a political machine" and doesn't "come from money", but does have "grit". "I am so excited, and she's a fabulous woman I can get behind". He later apologized to the senator, who has said her father was an alcoholic. "I thought it was really cool".

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The three-term senator says her broad appeal in Minnesota could translate to other Midwestern states such as Wisconsin and MI, which have been reliability Democratic for decades but backed Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Ms Klobuchar said her success could translate to other Midwestern states such as MI and Wisconsin, reliably Democratic in presidential races for decades until Mr Trump's victory over Mrs Clinton.

The announcement came days after national media outlets published stories casting Klobuchar as a boss who was overly tough on staff members who shared their stories anonymously.

"At least I do", she said.

Her support in fighting climate change drew rebuttal from President Donald Trump, who has frequently questioned the worrisome trend. Trump often overlooks evidence of record global warming and conflates cold spells and other incidents of weather with climate, which is long-term.

Former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson, a Republican, once called Klobuchar "the great avoider".

There is also widespread speculation that former Vice President Joe Biden could enter the field. She began her career in private practice before being elected narrowly as Hennepin County attorney in 1998. "I don't feel like she's the kind of person that's going to get people super excited at a rally".

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