Sprint is suing AT&T for misleading consumers with "5G E" branding

Sprint is suing AT&T for misleading consumers with

The federal suit, filed in the U.S. District Court of NY, wants AT&T to remove its "5Ge" logo from both marketing and its phones.

Court documents from the lawsuit explain Sprint's complaint by saying, "the false claim that it is offering a 5G wireless network where it offers only a 4G LTE Advanced network, AT&T is attempting to secure an unfair advantage in the saturated wireless market".

In a lawsuit first discovered by Engadget, Sprint accuses AT&T of employing "numerous deceptive tactics to mislead consumers into believing that it now offers a coveted and highly anticipated fifth generation wireless network, known as 5G".

An AT&T spokesman told Barron's: "We understand why our competitors don't like what we are doing, but our customers love it". Of course, AT&T has been using this term for a while now, it's just that they have now embarked on a nationwide advertising campaign to sell the "5GE" dream, going as far as issuing updates to phones that show a "5GE" network icon when the connection is most definitely not 5G. Stating that it introduced 5G Evolution or 5GE more than two years ago. The suit called for an immediate cessation of the branding by AT&T and seeks damages for undermining Sprint's efforts to bring true 5G service to the market. Rival wireless carrier Sprint is suing the company over its claims, calling 5GE a "false and misleading" label created to deceive customers into thinking AT&T's service is faster and better than others. "So we're characterizing this as 5GE, 5G Evolution".

"Sprint will have to reconcile its arguments to the FCC that it can not deploy a widespread 5G network without T-Mobile while simultaneously claiming in this suit to be launching 'legitimate 5G technology imminently, '" AT&T said.

Sprint officials have talked about the carrier's latest and fastest service and have called it Advanced LTE.

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AT&T and Verizon have a small, early lead thanks to several limited deployments. According to a survey commissioned by Sprint, 54% of consumers believe "5G E" networks are the same as or better than 5G and 43% believe buying an AT&T phone today will be 5G capable.

Sprint is suing AT&T over its fake 5G service, calling it deceptive advertising, the Washington Post reports.

"We will fight this lawsuit while continuing to deploy 5G Evolution in addition to standards-based mobile 5G". T-Mobile settled for roasting AT&T on Twitter, while Verizon published a serious letter urging the mobile industry at large not to give in to the temptation to mislead customers with bogus branding.

"AT&T is so anxious about how limited their 5G footprint will be that they've renamed their existing LTE network '5G Evolution" said the firm's Neville Ray. But AT&T could well argue that "5G" doesn't actually mean anything, or that it means what carriers say it means.

AT&T does have a mobile 5G network out there in the wild, with an expansion planned for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

The website Engadget harkened back to 2012 complaints about AT&T and T-Mobile using 4G labels on services that others considered to be faster 3G technologies.

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