59 new emojis coming in 2019 to promote gender and racial inclusivity

59 new emojis coming in 2019 to promote gender and racial inclusivity

The Unicode Consortium has announced that 59 new emoji will make it into the sixth major update to the official roster of emoji.

Get ready to step up your emoji game.

According to a blog post by the Unicode Consortium, these images are just samples and vendors for mobile phones, computers and web platforms will typically use images that fit their overall emoji designs.

That's all really cool, but what we're most excited about is the incredible increase in representation among the icons.

Choosing the ideal emojis for your Instagram caption is about to get a lot easier - or harder, because of all the new options.

While most of the people online were excited and celebrated the introduction of period emoji, there were others who thought a tampon or sanitary napkin would have made much more sense.

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A new emoji being rolled out this year will depict a hand doing a pinching motion to depict a "small penis" and mock modestly endowed gentlemen.

But these offerings won't be on your keyboards until later this year.

The most popular choice was a pair of trousers marked by blood but when that was rejected by the Unicode Consortium, the charity pushed for a blood drop instead.

They added: "An emoji isn't going to solve this, but it can help change the conversation". "And it's time for interracial couples to be represented in our universal language". Up to now disability has been greatly under-represented'.

In addition, the 2019 list includes two people holding hands that can be modified with a range of gender and skin tone options.

"Some people might feel like they just don't want that to define them". "But I think a lot of us, we love our dogs and we love to show off our dogs".

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