Skype desktop app gets background blurring in video calls

Skype desktop app gets background blurring in video calls

According to Skype's announcement, the new feature works like the background blur functionality in Microsoft Teams, which was introduced back in September. The objective of background blur is to help your correspondents focus on you during video calls, and to block any potential distractions coming from your environment. There is no word on the availability of this feature on the mobile version of the service. It's been available in Microsoft Teams software since previous year.

In the menu that pops up, click on the "Blur my background" toggle to turn the feature on. "You're about to video call your parents and your laundry is all over the place, or you're about to have a meeting with a potential investor and your business plan is on a whiteboard behind you, or you're being interviewed on live television and your adorable child comes marching into the room". Worry not, as Skype has introduced a new feature that can save you from the embarrassment.

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If you're all too familiar with the act of hastily joining a conference call only to notice that your webcam's portrait of you is outlined by a mountain of misc, then Skype has the flawless fix for you. Select "blur my background", which will allow you to make yourself the priority of the video and to make the background blurry. Skype says it relies on artificial intelligence to detect hair, hands, and arms to identify you and blur everything else, sort of like the portrait mode feature found in most modern smartphones. Alternatively, you can enable it through Skype's settings to ensure an always blurred background.

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