Shocking way in which Meghan Markle sent messages to sex workers

Shocking way in which Meghan Markle sent messages to sex workers

The Duchess asked her assistants if anyone had a Sharpie so she could write messages on the fruit.

Controversial commentator Piers Morgan agreed, slamming the Duchess in an unforgiving opinion piece for the Daily Mail.

But the Good Morning Britain host said, rather than empower the women, Meghan had opened them up to "widespread mockery".

Messages included inspirational phrases, such as, "you are strong", "you are courageous", and "you are special". "I'm sorry", Morgan said.

While meeting volunteers and preparing the food packages, Meghan suggested writing positive messages on the bananas, such as 'You are fearless, ' 'You are strong, ' and 'You are loved'.

Speaking on the December 5. segment, the host said: "I fear the pattern with Meghan, whether it was the ex-husband who suddenly got chopped or whether it was the family who got banned, the father who has now been chopped, or me on a much tinier level". And before he could go any further, both Meghan and Harry let out a very surprised laugh.

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The Duchess took inspiration from a canteen manager in the United States, who wrote affirmations on bananas to make school children feel empowered. "It was the most incredible idea - this small gesture".

That was "really stupid", sex worker Nikki told U.K.'s The Sun.

US Weekly reports that the Duchess is making her own rules when it comes to her first birth so royal tradition will just have to be forgotten for this particular event in her life.

"When you're on the stage, you can't be like, you know, f***ing around on the stage", he started.

Kensington Palace revealed that we'd see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex together again on Tuesday, February 12, for a gala performance of "The Wider Earth" at the Natural History Museum in London. The former actress is known to be a keen fan of yoga, mindfulness and other holistic practices, so it's unsurprising she's opted to work with a doula.

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