Microsoft is reportedly bringing Xbox Live to Android

Microsoft is reportedly bringing Xbox Live to Android

Xbox Live users will be able to "take their gaming achievement history, their friends list, their clubs, and more with them to nearly every screen", the description said. Now, they may have a plan to take that one step further and make Xbox Live available on a number of other devices. So by opening up Xbox Live across the most popular non-Microsoft gaming devices (smartphones and the Switch), Microsoft's service could reclaim its throne. Notably, one of the sessions on the calendar is supposed to cover a first look at a new SDK from Microsoft that will allow mobile game developers to integrate the Xbox Live service into their titles.

Essentially, Microsoft is creating a software developer kit (SDK) for game and operating system (OS) developers to incorporate the Xbox Live service into their products. This is part of Microsoft's quest to reach "two billion gamers" across multiple platforms.

On the surface this allows for the implementation of cross-platform stats and achievements, as well as cross-play, but there's likely more to it than that. As its name suggests, Xbox Live has traditionally been exclusive to Microsoft's Xbox games console family - though it was extended to include Windows as Games for Windows Live in 2007, then Windows Phone devices in 2010, and even found its way to the company's ill-fated Zune media player platform in 2008 as Zune Social.

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Xbox Live spreading to other devices like Nintendo Switch and mobile will see more players able to connect and play with one another, with mobile experiences like Fortnite, PUBG, Minecraft and others, as well as cross-play features, proving that there's certainly an appetite for it.

Xbox Live on your iPhone? It also positions Microsoft as a social-network client for indies looking to build ready-made communities around their games, and gives Xbox Live a foothold on a variety of devices as the mobile gaming market continues to heat up.

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