Instagram Egg Reveals Its Purpose

Instagram Egg Reveals Its Purpose

The egg uploaded a fifth photo to Instagram on February 1, which showed multiple cracks across its surface - as well as what appear to be photoshopped football laces.

The egg that famously became the most-liked Instagram image of all time is now taking a crack at public service announcements.

Eugene now has more than 10 million followers, and the original post now has over 52 million likes.

But the egg ad wasn't the only big reveal for the social media sensation on Sunday.

The egg made its debut outside of Instagram after the Super Bowl to talk about mental health in a video released by Hulu.

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Visit the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) for any mental health support and / or resources. The egg gave interviews under various egg-related pseudonyms but we didn't know the name of the human who thought the whole thing up. Not just that, in the video, one can hear the Egg saying, "Recently I've started to crack".

The mystery of the creator of the viral egg was also unscrambled on Sunday.

The egg concept has since been revealed as the brainchild of 29-year-old advertising creative Chris Godfrey, who works at The & Partnership in London. "It sort of spread through playgrounds", Godfrey told the NYT. The first episode, which is just 30 seconds long, dropped after the big game, and featured the Egg opening up about the pressure of social media.

The account has been indicating that something is coming by updating the page with new images of the egg slowly cracking, presumably with idea of revealing something inside the egg when all is said and done. "People have fallen in love with this egg, and Eugene the egg wants to continue to spread positive messages".

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