French 'yellow vests' march in Paris to denounce police violence

French 'yellow vests' march in Paris to denounce police violence

Protesters have been maimed and lost eyes from police use of Defense Ball Launchers (LBD's), rubber-ball projectiles.

According to the BFMTV broadcaster, 13,800 yellow vest protesters have gathered for the rally in the French capital.

A French police investigation is still trying to determine how Rodrigues was injured.

The French Interior Ministry said Saturday's protests, coordinated via social media against Macron's leadership, drew 58,600 participants nationwide.

France's yellow vest protesters were back on the streets Saturday to keep up the pressure on French President Emmanuel Macron's government and to decry the number of people being injured by police during the anti-government demonstrations. They contrasted the speed of the rulings against their clients with the slow pace of probes into alleged police violence.

At least 10 people have died in the protests, around 6,000 have been detained and over 2,000 others have been injured.

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"It's true that this intermediate weapon can hurt, but faced with rioters, the police need it to defend themselves against those who attack them", said Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.

The weekend's rallies across France included Toulouse and Bordeaux in the southwest, where support has been strong, and several gatherings across Brittany in the northwest.

Franck Dideron, 20, said he was protesting peacefully, speaking on the phone to his mother, when his eye was injured by a rubber bullet fired by police during a December 1 protest near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Numerous yellow vest demonstrators are demanding that centrist President Emmanuel Macron resign; a demand dismissed as undemocratic by the government.

Two more officers were injured and a demonstrator arrested in the western port city of Nantes during clashes there, local officials said.

Macron is being slammed by protesters who say his economic policies favor the rich.

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