'Fortnite' Marshmello Concert Was Watched By Over 10 Million Concurrent Players

'Fortnite' Marshmello Concert Was Watched By Over 10 Million Concurrent Players

The company disabled all game modes in the popular battle royale title 20 minutes leading up to the concert.

Fortnite is one the biggest video games and trends of the year - and the game has just fittingly partnered with one of the biggest acts in electronic music, Marshmello. Epic Games has been known to do some cool activations within "Fortnite" in the past, so there shouldn't be any worries that it won't go down smoothly or as planned.

The shop has a new Mello Rider glider, which is used in-game to travel to different destinations.

The concert is set to begin at 2 p.m. ET. At the time of writing, the venue is set up and ready for the in-game Marshmello concert that will take place Saturday.

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The Marshmello x Fortnite event was certainly a milestone event for everybody involved, especially since technological advances helped propel the concert further thanks to the fact that Marshmello was able to broadcast in real-time to concert attendees!

The concert may be over, but we're still left with the second part of the Showtime Challenge.

And there has also been a special announcement following today's big Fortnite event. That can then be used on the third challenge to unlock the Marshmello-themed pickaxe.

The stage for the show has been constructed on the football field inside the park. Marshmello though had instant credibility because he was part of the Fortnite experience (and of course being masked is a flawless brand fit).

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