Apple to fix FaceTime bug that allowed users to listen in remotely

Apple to fix FaceTime bug that allowed users to listen in remotely

If you include yourself in the call, you will then start an audio call between yourself and the person you are ringing, even before they answer the call.

Examples of various people confirming the issue are widely available on social media, including tweets from notable tech reporters.

We learned of this via 9to5Mac. While the call is dialing, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, tap "Add Person", and add your own phone number.

What this means, is if someone is calling you on FaceTime, they could be listening and seeing what you are doing without you even knowing. Basically, when you call someone using FaceTime, you will immediately hear the audio coming from the other phone/tablet even if that person hasn't answered the call yet.

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The recipient was not able to see or hear the FaceTime caller.

In a statement to Buzzfeed, Apple said it had already identified a fix for the issue and would be rolling out a software update later this week. Otherwise, people cannot only listen in on what you are doing, but in some cases also see what you are doing. Apple should shut down FaceTime for everyone if that's what it takes. 9to5Mac also confirmed that it was able to replicate the bug by making a FaceTime call to a Mac.

Since Apple isn't approaching this problem with enough urgency, we recommend disabling FaceTime for now. You can disable FaceTime on your iPhone by heading to Settings and toggle the FaceTime icon to gray. You'll have to repeat this step on all your Macs, too.

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