Trump climbs down in wall row, Congress passes bill ending shutdown

Trump climbs down in wall row, Congress passes bill ending shutdown

Federal workers were asked to go back to work after US President Donald Trump signed a bill that temporarily reopened the federal government for three weeks.

"As federal employees return to work on Monday after a bruising 35 day absence, Democrat and Republican leaders are to form a bipartisan 'conference committee" to start the hard process of finding common ground before the February 15 deadline.

As the negotiations begin anew, lawmakers from both parties stuck to their positions on Sunday, with Republicans echoing Trump's call for a wall and Democrats rejecting the possibility.

But he also didn't rule out shutting government down again if Democrats won't provide the funding. This one occurred almost two full years before the 2020 elections, leaving time for other events and issues to dominate when Trump runs for re-election and House and Senate control are at stake.

A visitor walks by the U.S. Capitol on day 32 of a partial government shutdown as it becomes the longest in U.S. history in Washington, U.S., January 22, 2019.

So did Trump cave to the Democrats or is he playing possum? At least one Democrat has publicly said so: West Virginia Democratic Sen.

The Senate and House of Representatives both passed the deal by unanimous consent Friday. "I think she deserves it", he said then.

Trump got off to a busy start Saturday on Twitter, and reminded the nation that there could be another shutdown soon, because "21 days goes very quickly". "Let's get to work". As House speaker, she is now Trump's main foil in Washington.

"I've heard people say to me, 'It looks like we really did elect the right person as speaker, '" Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., said days before Trump's surrender.

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But the shutdown also had become a big issue as the impact began rippling through the United States economy.

As a result of the shutdown, government workers such as Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents, Federal Aviation Administration employees, and government food inspectors, among others, have worked without pay, INSIDER reported.

He said the specific timing could depend on the federal agency in question.

When will they get paid?

The legislation has been backed by a coalition of outside groups including End Citizens United, a political action committee advocating for an overhaul of campaign fiance laws.

'The president from the very beginning here actually has been the one willing to negotiate. "It will be perceived as such on every television monitor and screen in the country-and to deny it is to try to escape from reality, and that we ain't going to do here", Dobbs said. But drawing attention to the bill could boost Democrats, particularly freshmen members up for re-election in districts Trump won in 2016.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee tweeted the warning while she defended the president against conservative criticism that he caved on wall funding in order to end the shutdown.

Mulvaney said Trump wants "a wall where we need it the most".

Frustrated Republican senators also lashed out at Vice-President Mike Pence and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell during a closed-door lunch before the vote on Thursday.

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