China's modernized military could threaten Taiwan, U.S. report says

China's modernized military could threaten Taiwan, U.S. report says

While the report acknowledges that China spends significantly less on defense than the some $700 billion invested by the USin 2018, it says Beijing enjoys an advantage due to the fact that "China has not had to invest in costly R&D of new technologies to the same degree as the United States". The report is DIA's first-ever unclassified, comprehensive assessment of the Chinese military.

On Tuesday, the US Defense Intelligence Agency released a new report detailing Chinese military advancements and strategy, stressing that the People's Liberation Army already leads the world in certain areas of weapons development.

"As Xi Jinping and the CCP leadership become more confident in the PLA's gathering ability to invade Taiwan, we can expect their threats to become more strident", Fisher said.

Chinese military vehicles carrying DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles, potentially capable of sinking a US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier in a single strike, travel past Tiananmen Gate during a military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Beijing Thursday Sept. 3, 2015.

The official also cautioned that China's military still faced gaps in its capabilities. The Chinese government considers Hong Kong and Taiwan part of China, despite most others around the world recognizing them as separate territories.

China's military will "pay any price" to ensure China's sovereignty, Li told Richardson at their Tuesday meeting.

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"China continues to develop a variety of counterspace capabilities created to limit or prevent an adversary's use of space-based assets during crisis or conflict", the DIA report states. "As it continues to grow in strength and confidence, our nation's leaders will face a China insistent on having a greater voice in global interactions, which at times may be antithetical to US interests", the report said.

Beijing regards Taiwan as a renegade province and insists reunification is inevitable. "Furthermore, China sees itself as an emerging major power that will be able to gain influence as long as it can maintain a stable periphery".

According to defense officials, "space operations probably will form an integral component of other PLA campaigns and serve a key role in enabling actions to counter third-party intervention during military conflicts" in the Asia-Pacific region.

"Despite Trump tweeting, "... the United States Treasury has taken in MANY billions of dollars from the Tariffs we are charging China and other countries that have not treated us fairly", the head of the conservative and business-friendly U.S. Chamber of Commerce begged to differ. "And so the danger comes from them being present in more places at more times, and you always have to worry about potential for miscalculation, although I think we've seen, over the past several years, there have been close interactions between USA naval forces and the Chinese forces".

They are "on the leading edge of technology in that area", the official said.

"I think both sides have managed to operate professionally".

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