New England Patriots: Tom Brady could cement himself as the ultimate GOAT

New England Patriots: Tom Brady could cement himself as the ultimate GOAT

At 41, Tom Brady has just about seen it all.

Here's the number that jumps out to me: 76.5 percent.

Despite the 2018 Patriots being considered one of the worst New England teams Belichick has coached, the results are still the same as always: an AFC East division title, a first-round bye, and an appearance in the AFC Championship Game for the eighth straight year. They're understanding more and more but they're still my kids, so they don't care much about Dad.

He pointed out that his oldest son, Jack (11), is very into analyzing games and occasionally offers some valuable advice afterward. It would have been far-fetched to assume that Sanchez surpassed Brady in any positive category, let alone road playoff wins.

The over/under for the AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Chiefs opened at 59.5 points on Sunday afternoon. "They'd rather hang with Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] and Jules [Julian Edelman] and all of those other guys". "That's about it", Brady said.

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The Chiefs play the Patriots Sunday night, and even though the Patriots beat the Chiefs earlier this season, fans are confident the home team will prevail and they don't want to miss it. All three phases have to be on point.

"I think everybody at every position has to play well", he told reporters.

Sunday will be the third time the NFC Championship game will close with an over/under of 55 or higher, with the previous two games going over the total in 2016 between the Falcons and Packers and back in 1998 between the Falcons and Vikings. These aren't just handed to you on a silver platter, and, 'Here you go, here's your trip to the Super Bowl.' You gotta go fight 'em out.

But Brady and the Patriots proved that they are still as hungry as ever, and when it comes right down to it, they can get the job done.

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