Marcelo Bielsa: we spy on all of Leeds' opponents

Marcelo Bielsa: we spy on all of Leeds' opponents

"Because we think it is professional behaviour".

The Leeds United manager was accused of and admitted to sending someone to spy on Derby County ahead of their clash last Friday night.

Leeds released a statement on Saturday saying the club had apologised to Derby County and that it would "work with our head coach and his staff to remind them of the integrity and honesty which are the foundations that Leeds United is built on".

"Many managers and ex-footballers said my behaviour was not respectful".

It emerged on the day before that a member of Leeds United's training staff was spotted acting suspiciously outside the Derby training facility and was therefore apprehended by police.

My goal is to make the investigation easier for them.

"By doing that I assume the possible sanction of the authorities".

"I don't want to make it easier for me by attacking others", he said.

"Regarding what I have done, it is not illegal". It's not specified or restrained.

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"It is not seen as a good thing, but it is not a violation of the law".

"I know that not everything that is legal is right to do".

"Cheating is a big word, but if you talk about details and gaining an advantage, it's not just a toe, it's a hop, skip and jump as far as I'm concerned".

"If you observe something without authorisation, we call it spying".

"I did it because it was not illegal and it was not violating a specific wrong".

"The EFL has now determined that it is appropriate to consider this matter in the context of a number of EFL Regulations whilst also noting that the alleged actions appear to contravene the Club's Charter that all EFL Clubs agreed to in summer 2018".

Leeds have been transformed since Bielsa took over last summer.

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