Kremlin rubbishes 'stupid' claims that Trump a Russian agent

Kremlin rubbishes 'stupid' claims that Trump a Russian agent

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov dismissed claims that President Donald Trump has been working on the Kremlin's behalf as he attacked Congress and the American media for undermining the USA leader.

Top Russian officials on Wednesday ridiculed allegations that U.S. President Donald Trump could have worked for Moscow's interests, dismissing them as "absurd" and "stupid".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the United States of seeking to dismantle the system of weapons pacts and said that Moscow is willing to continue trying to preserve the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

"How can a president of the United States be an agent of another country, just think yourself", Ushakov said at a briefing.

Trump has denied explosive news reports that he hid details of discussions with President Vladimir Putin and that the FBI investigated him as a potential national security risk who might be acting on behalf of Russian Federation.

The United States says it will suspend its treaty obligations if Russian does not come into compliance by February 2.

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Lavrov charged that the US refusal to consider the Russian offer to have a close look at the missile reflects Washington's intention to abandon the INF treaty. "This right is under attack from Congress and this doesn't make these attacks constitutional or less illegal".

Questions of "why the Americans don't want to examine our proposals and get firsthand information about specific parameters of the missile were left unheard", he said.

Russia's deputy foreign minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday Jan. 5, 2019, is brushing back suggestions that an American being held in Moscow on suspicion of spying could be exchanged for a Russian.

Whelan, a former USA marine who also holds British, Canadian and Irish passports, was detained by Russia's Federal Security Service on December 28.

According to Russian reports, Whelan has been spying for ten-years and was arrested five-minutes after receiving a thumb drive with a list of employees at a secret Russian agency.

Russian Federation is defending its detention of a U.S. Marine veteran by claiming he was "caught in the act" of spying. He said Whelan was caught red-handed and the investigation is ongoing. He was born in Canada to British parents before the family moved to the U.S. He holds British, Canadian and Irish passports, and Russian Federation said it will allow consular visits. He rejected allegations that Russian Federation was gloating in the turmoil, saying that Russian Federation is interested in seeing a "united, strong and, most importantly, independent European Union".

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