Protesters clash with R Kelly fans outside singer's notorious studio

Protesters clash with R Kelly fans outside singer's notorious studio

On the Lifetime series, a number of alleged victims claimed the R&B veteran had been using the location to hold girls and young women captive as part of a purported sex cult.

Prosecutors in Fulton County, Georgia are also investigating allegations made in Surviving R Kelly.

The Cook County state attorney's office said at least two women have since come forward alleging inappropriate conduct by Kelly in 2002 at the warehouse and a home on the South Side in the mid-1980s.

This move comes after the media storm that followed the airing of Surviving R. Kelly.

Kelly averaged more than 955,600 streams in the last week of 2018.

Activists from the #MeToo and #MuteRKelly social media movements have seized on the renewed attention to call for streaming services to drop Kelly's music and promoters not to book any more concerts. So it wasn't just an underage sexual relationship, he hit her, allegedly, according to that court document.

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Since the release of the controversial docu-series on January 3, no charges have been filed; however, investigators are now looking into the multiple allegations of abuse.

He could not say whether Kelly, 52, ever met the women interviewed in the Lifetime show, "met them one night when he was drinking and partying" or even whether he might have lived with them.

"The police found nothing because there's nothing wrong", he said.

He was previously been subjected to sexual impropriety allegations and, in 2008, stood trial on child pornography charges, of which he was acquitted.

Blavity dug up a May 2018 New York Times podcast with Chicago reporter Jim DeRogatis who said Kelly not only married the 15-year-old, but he was abusive.

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