New Florida governor suspends sheriff over school massacre

New Florida governor suspends sheriff over school massacre

"The Members of the House of Representatives are thankful that the Governor's plane landed safely after reporting mechanical difficulties", said Oliva, R-Miami.

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter, Meadow, was among the slain students, has been one of the outspoken DeSantis supporters demanding that Israel be stripped from his post.

"This is an enormous honor and privilege to be appointed Sheriff of Broward County", said newly appointed Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony.

"I'm not a scientist, but I know what I can do and that's do everything I can to protect the environment", said Scott.

Governor DeSantis campaigned on cleaning the state's waterways and in his first week in office he issued an executive order taking a stance against fracking and offshore drilling, giving the Department of Environmental protection and scientists a larger role in mitigating algal blooms and promising $2.5 billion for Everglades restoration.

Israel earlier changed the office's policy from saying deputies "shall" confront active shooters to "may".

Sheriff Israel inserted the word "may" in the BSO policy, and it is insufficient and fails to unequivocally convey the expectation that deputies are expected to immediately enter an active assailant scene where gunfire is active and to neutralize the threat.

"Everyone is safe on the ground", spokesman Dave Vasquez said.

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But, he concluded, "For now, it's on to court".

Under Florida law, he is entitled to a hearing in the Florida Senate, which can decide to reinstate the sheriff or remove him from office. The sheriff said then the vote reflected only "a small number" of BSO employees and the union representing the vast majority of employees "solidly supports the leadership of this agency".

But Israel has consistently defended his deputies and his own role in the tragic events, resisting repeated calls for his resignation.

Seventeen people died and 17 more were hurt on Valentine's Day when self-confessed shooter Nikolas Cruz walked through an open gate, into the MSD freshman building and opened fire. "But in every situation we can always identify things that could be done does not in any way rise to the level to single out Sheriff Israel and hold him accountable for what happened". He said he didn't want to deputies to undertake suicide missions.

Broward County Sheriff's Office training on active shooters was inadequate, according to the report, which recommended arming teachers and spending more on school security and mental health to prevent similar mass shootings.

DeSantis announced the suspension from the Broward Sheriff's Office headquarters while the displaced former sheriff prepared his response from a church in northwest Fort Lauderdale.

"I can only provide the immediate comfort of saying this: I am not here for any type of political, grandiose or agenda", Tony said.

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