Google Assistant gets smarter with new interpretation and navigation tools

Google Assistant gets smarter with new interpretation and navigation tools

On the other hand, at CES 2019, Google also presented the new Google Assistant interpreter mode which permits users to translate phrases in real-time.

Google also showed off the new Lenovo Smart Clock, which can set alarms based on your daily habits or calendar appointments, and wake you with a gentle light. The 2019 TVs will gain support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands but only in limited form.

This is only Google's second year exhibiting at CES.

As part of a spate of announcements Tuesday, Google unveiled a new platform called Google Assistant Connect that is created to make it easier for device makers to build low-cost devices that perform specific functions controlled by and integrated with the Google Assistant.

While greater functionality may make Google Assistant more appealing to new users, what will really bolster its adoption in 2019 is its rapid expansion to more devices. ITWC rounded up a few cool features users could look forward to.

Google Assistant is also making headway in the automobile arena with forthcoming accessories that plug into a vehicle's socket and connect smartphones to auto stereos via Bluetooth or auxiliary inputs.

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Among other upgrades that were announced, Google said that its Assistant would now be able to check into flight as well as book hotels.

In the surprisingly smooth demonstration, a reporter speaking English was able to carry out a conversation with Google's Italian-speaking exhibitor without any hiccups. Google takes another lead with what they call Interpreter Mode which is basically as the name suggest, helps to interpret different languages.

For those traveling outside of their language comfort zones, Google Assistant can help remove barriers to communication.

According to a report released on January 8th, Google plans to roll out Google Maps Assistant integration for both Android and iOS versions of the popular navigation application.

All of us know about the annoying flight check-in process. There are no details as to which older speakers will be updated to include Google Assistant support but our fingers are crossed for all Sonos owners.

These include Dish's "Hopper" receivers, vehicle adapters from Anker and JBL, connected TVs from Samsung, and a smart display from KitchenAid. It will go on sale this Spring at $59.99 (roughly Rs. 4,200). If that's the case, then the vast majority of Sonos' non-voice enabled offerings should be controllable through something like the Google Home Mini or even the Sonos One.

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