Detroit federal employees protest government shutdown

Detroit federal employees protest government shutdown

AFGE says employees shouldn't have to worry about payment and the public shouldn't have to be concerned about safe airports, border security, stable housing or government assistance. It's routine for TSA to open and close screening lanes as volume at airports rises and falls.

Air traffic controllers, pilots and other key cogs of the nation's aviation sector on Thursday demanded an end to the partial government shutdown, rallying outside the Capitol to highlight what they say is a growing danger from not reaching a resolution.

Stress on the system may may soon start causing flight delays, said Trish Gilbert, vice president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. Even though she's not getting paid, she's showing up to work.

About 10,000 air traffic controllers under the Federal Aviation Administration continue to work without pay. And it's also just a good policy to be calm, polite, and courteous to airport workers who are helping you, especially knowing that they're doing it without pay. "TSA Officers already have the least amount of rights of any federal officer, some of the lowest pay and highest attrition rates in government, and among the lowest morale of any federal agency".

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association filed a lawsuit Friday seeking a temporary restraining order against the federal government for allegedly violating the Fifth Amendment by depriving controllers of "hard-earned compensation without the requisite due process".

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"Yesterday, Jan 9, 2019, TSA experienced a rate of 5 per cent compared to a 3.6 per cent unscheduled absence rate one year ago on Jan 9, 2018", it said, lauding "the more than 51,000 officers across the country (who) remain focused on the mission".

In 2016 - when TSA was understaffed at many airports, creating lines long enough to make many travelers miss their flights - some airports explored hiring contractors or using airport or airline employees to help TSA agents with tasks such as handling bins at checkpoints.

At Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, a spokesman said TSA "call-outs" have been minimal and that they aren't planning to cutback on security checkpoints - yet.

TSA spokesman Jim Gregory said officials are managing.

In downtown Dallas, dozens of workers and union members representing various federal agencies gathered to bring attention to the plight of families hit by the impasse and to implore President Donald Trump to work with Congress to end the funding fight. But Chin said the airport has been monitoring security checkpoints and they have not seen abnormal delays. Because of lags in pay cycles, TSA workers are set to miss their first paycheck on Friday.

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