Trump will "probably" declare national emergency absent a deal in Congress

Trump will

The Washington Post suggested the White House was laying the groundwork for declaring an emergency that would let Trump build sections of a wall, possibly using funds from the Army Corps of Engineers.

President Trump indicated Thursday he will likely declare a national emergency if Congress doesn't reach an agreement to fund his border wall - a move that is sure to set off challenges in the courts if he goes ahead with it.

The president and House Democrats remain deadlocked over Trump's demand for $5.7 billion for the wall.

"The president stomped out of the meeting", Pelosi told reporters at the Capitol Wednesday afternoon.

"I cautioned him that if President Trump directs DoD to circumvent Congress in such a legally dubious way on such a major issue, Congress will have to reevaluate its relationship with the department and judge whether each instance of broad flexibility granted to the Department is worth the risk of abuse by President Trump", Durbin said in a statement.

On Thursday, at his press conference in Texas, Trump claimed undocumented immigrants and illegal drugs were streaming across the border. Using the Internet archiving tool Wayback Machine, CBS News obtained the now-deleted memo the Trump campaign posted in April 2015 describing how the US would compel Mexico to make a "one-time payment" of $5 or $10 billion for the wall.

The partial government shutdown is in its third week with no sign of a truce looming as the Trump administration and the Democratic-led House battle over border security funding. I said they're going to pay for the wall.

Having Failed To Convince Americans There’s a National Emergency, Trump Now Poised to Declare One

Sitting among border patrol officers, state and local officials and military representatives, Trump insisted he was "winning" the shutdown fight and criticized Democrats for asserting he was manufacturing a sense of crisis in order to declare an emergency.

Schumer has seized on that declaration by Trump even as the President has sought more recently to shift blame to Democrats.

The president stalked out of a meeting with congressional leaders Wednesday as efforts to end the shutdown fell into deeper disarray.

Steel added that Trump's public appeals this week, which the president himself was reluctant to give, were not going to earn Democratic votes "in an way, shape or form".

NBC News, in a similar report, said Trump had been briefed on the plan involving the Army Corps while flying to the border on Thursday. However, he appeared to hold out hope for making a deal to secure wall funding and fully reopen the government.

Pressure on both sides could intensify on Friday when about 800,000 federal employees miss their first paychecks. The President hasn't been blamed in any of the previous shutdowns.

After a reporter asked Trump if his "only option left" was to declare a national emergency, he said it would be "the easy route". However, statistics show illegal immigration there is at a 20-year low and drug shipments mainly passed through legal ports of entry.

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