France's yellow vest boxer sparks controversy and praise after bashing police

France's yellow vest boxer sparks controversy and praise after bashing police

French police arrested a former professional boxer on Monday who was seen punching police officers during a "yellow vest" protest in Paris, in shocking scenes that have highlighted the violence of recent protests.

As of Tuesday morning, over 7,000 people had pledged a total of 117,000 euros ($134,000) on the Leetchi, a French website used to raise funds for individuals and causes, to help pay legal costs for Dettinger, who remains in custody. "[French President Emmanuel] Macron's government is not up to expectations and some policies are de facto risky, not just for the French, but for Europe".

"There was something that set it off, which I learned overnight", Trompesauce told RMC radio on Monday morning, claiming that a woman was attacked by the police, prompting Dettinger to respond with a flurry of punches.

In mid-December, after weeks of worsening protest violence, M Macron scuppered unpopular fuel tax rises planned for January 1 in response to the citizens' revolt.

The police at times appeared defenceless, with former heavyweight fighter Christophe Dettinger filmed landing blows on officers guarding a bridge leading to the National Assembly.

"And faced with ultra-violence, we need to be ultra-severe".

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Disturbing footage emerged showing police beating protesters in the southern city of Toulon, with multiple media reporting that the incident is now under investigation for brutality. "We know about benevolence shown by certain propaganda tools - I don't even say media - such as Russia Today toward the movement", Griveaux told reporters.

"In France as in Italy, politics has become deaf to the needs of citizens, who have been excluded from the most important decisions", di Maio wrote, drawing parallels between the Gilet Jaunes protests that have crowded the streets of France since mid-November 2018 and his anti-establishment party.

Two months on, the "yellow vest" movement which has no clear leader, is still posing a stern challenge to Macron, who is struggling to defuse public anger and meet protesters' requests, despite a series of concessions he made last month, including higher minimum wages and tax breaks.

The protests have rocked France for nearly two months.

About 200 protesters, including trade union members and participants in the yellow vest movement, gathered Wednesday in Creteil, a Paris suburb as Macron visited a handball facility dedicated to handball gymnasium.

Riot police officers take position at the Champs Elysees avenue during a yellow vest protest in Paris, Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019.

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