Meet Cody Parkey: The Kicker Whose Life, Family Are Getting Death Threats

Meet Cody Parkey: The Kicker Whose Life, Family Are Getting Death Threats

The result was a missed field goal (watch here), and poor Parkey getting booed off the field by Eagles fans. "I know we're ready for this week".

After further review by the league, Hester got his finger on the ball which altered the direction of the Parkey kick, causing the chaos that ensued once it hit the goal post. Mistakes at work happen, but if you miss a field goal that ends your team's season, that apparently entitles sports fans around the country to suggest death threats on your home, family, and your life. I feel awful, let the team down, that's on me. I didn't make it.

Veteran guard Kyle Long also consoled Parkey and said he reminded him the loss was a team effort, not on one player.

"The sun's gonna shine tomorrow, life's gonna go on, and unfortunately it's gonna sting for a while".

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Shortly after it became apparent Eagles fans were basically giving away money, dozens more "Cody Parkey" Venmo accounts surfaced, including one named "double-doink". A slow-motion replay tweeted by ESPN appears to show Hester's fingertips deflecting the kick. It looks like Hester tipping the ball sent it off course.

If Pace releases his kicker this offseason, it will cost the Bears just under $5.2 million, according to Spotrac.

"We can't see it right now, but I guarantee you that feeling we just had in that locker room's going to help us in the future", Nagy said.

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