Democrats set to counter Trump after Oval Office address

Democrats set to counter Trump after Oval Office address

He did not say whether Trump had made a decision about declaring a national emergency or if the White House had completed its legal review of such a declaration.

President Donald Trump will make his case to Americans on Tuesday that a "crisis" at the USA border with Mexico requires a wall in a prime-time address aimed at building support for a campaign promise that has sparked an 18-day government shutdown.

ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox Broadcasting, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, MSNBC and NBC have all said they would air the rebuttal.

All major USA television networks agreed to broadcast Trump's speech, prompting Democrats to seek equal air time. Leading Democrats have argued for years now that a wall along the southern border would be wasteful and ineffective, instead supporting legislation that would increase border security efforts.

All the major USA television networks agreed to air Trump's speech.

"I think it's well-known that the incumbent president is very careless with the truth", Carter said in an interview with CBS News previous year. Right now the White House is at a seven on the panic scale.

A White House official who has read an early draft of the speech says it contains anecdotes about families affected by illegal immigration and cites statistics created to justify Trump's demands for a border barrier and the now-18-day government shutdown.

Asked whether cracks were forming between the White House and Republicans eager for the shutdown to end, Pence told reporters at a briefing Monday that, "We've been in touch with those members and others". "The Democrats don't like concrete, so we'll give them steel", he said.

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The draft also calls for Democrats to "stop playing politics" and to work with the administration by prioritizing border security over other spending, though the official says attacks on the left were not a focus of the current draft. He said the White House ignored those statistics when issuing the updated request.

While both of these statutes provide some legal cover if the president declares a state of emergency to fund the border wall, they each raise important questions.

Trump claimed last week that "maybe most of those people. are the biggest fan of what we're doing" and that he really believed "a lot of them want to see border security".

Democrats, who now control the U.S. House of Representatives, have rejected the Republican president's demand for $5.7 billion to help build a wall. As of Monday, every living president has said otherwise.

He's also floated the possibility of declaring an emergency to complete his oft-repeated campaign promise. "That's how we became America".

The construction of a wall on the US's southern border with Mexico was one of Trump's key campaign promises and which so far has led to a three-week partial shutdown of the U.S. government.

Because of it, the government has been partially shut down since December 22 and hundreds of thousands of federal workers have either been furloughed or are working without pay.

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