Kevin Spacey's Lawyers Enter Not Guilty Plea in Assault Case

Kevin Spacey's Lawyers Enter Not Guilty Plea in Assault Case

Actor Kevin Spacey appeared in a MA district court on Monday to face accusations that he sexually assaulted an 18-year-old man in Nantucket.

Spacey's attorneys entered his not guilty plea to the charge of felony indecent assault and battery, although Spacey himself did not speak during the arraignment, CNN reports. The two-time Oscar victor smiled and chuckled with his lawyer before the proceeding began, but otherwise didn't speak, reports CBS News' Jericka Duncan, who was seated behind him in the courtroom.

Spacey, a two-time Oscar victor, had tried to avoid appearing in court, with his lawyers arguing that his presence would turn the arraignment into a circus.

An attorney for Spacey, Juliane Balliro, had argued that Spacey's presence at his arraignment would only "heighten prejudicial media interest in the case" and increase the risk of contaminating the jury pool.

Kevin Spacey has arrived at court to face a judge in the sexual assault case against him.

After meeting the actor and telling him he was 23 years old - the legal drinking age is 21 in MA - he said he started drinking first beer and then whiskey with Mr Spacey at his urging. Spacey will not have to appear at his next hearing on March 4, but he must be available by phone, Barrett said.

The victim said that is when he left.

After several minutes, Spacey got up to go to the bathroom and the 18-year-old left the bar and went home, the complaint states. The man said Spacey bought him several drinks and tried to convince him to come home with him before unzipping the man's trousers and groping him for about three minutes.

The charge against Spacey was filed more than a year after former Boston TV news anchor Heather Unruh publicly accused the actor of assaulting her son.

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The court appearance comes after perhaps the strangest response that any celebrity has had to the recent wave of assault allegations.

As they stood next to a piano, Spacey groped Unruh's son, the bus boy told investigators.

Spacey walks to his vehicle outside of the Nantucket District Courthouse.

A judge had previously denied Spacey's bid to avoid appearing in person Monday at Nantucket District Court.

In a video titled "Let Me Be Frank", he appeared in character as Frank Underwood from the Netflix series House of Cards, and said "I'm certainly not going to pay the price for the thing I didn't do". It was unclear whether he was referring to the charge.

First, actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of making a sexual advance toward him in 1986 when he was 14 years old and Spacey was 26, Rapp told BuzzFeed News.

In the wake of the spate of allegations against the film mogul Harvey Weinstein, Ms Unruh wrote on Twitter that "I was a Kevin Spacey fan until he assaulted a..."

In a Twitter statement, Spacey said he did not remember the incident but offered an apology.

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