Fiji Water Girl steals the limelight at the Golden Globes

Fiji Water Girl steals the limelight at the Golden Globes

The light pink-lipped brunette, wearing a royal blue Marchesa Notte gown, was spotted in the background of several professional photos of celebrities - from Jamie Lee Curtis to Idris Elba and beyond - holding a tray of Fiji Water.

The Fiji Water girl served more than water at the 2019 Golden Globes - she served major looks!

Obviously, her performance quickly snowballed into a new meme that saw Fiji Water Girl superimposed into classic movies and pop culture moments.

Ally who? Fiji Water Girl is the star, singing about wading in the shallow water of emptied Fiji water bottles.

At this time, it is unclear whether or not Cuthbert was encouraged by the water company to photobomb the stars' shots. Soon after she caught the attention of the online world, memes began to pour in, making her known world-wide as the Fiji Water Girl.

Thankfully, the identity of the Fiji Water Girl has finally been revealed, and we have a feeling Kelleth Cuthbert's social media pages are about to have a lot more followers! Fiji water's Twitter account even got in on the joke.

The woman on the far right stood out from the pack thanks to her photobombing antics.

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Glamour spoke to Cuthbert about achieving viral fame.

Photobomber to the stars is kind of a natural role for her.

At the start of the night, she posted a picture of herself on Instagram, captioning it: "Not the worst way to spend a Sunday". "My family. we're all a bunch of hams".

"Alter Kakers" (the correct spelling, according to Forverts Yiddishist Jordan Kutzik, ) doesn't have the sexual connotation Yiddish neophytes might imagine - it's accepted meaning is "old guy", though more literally, Kutzik says, it refers to a person who is incontinent.

She also established the Carrie Hamilton Foundation in honor of her late daughter.

Her parody of Scarlett O'Hara, wearing the "curtain-rod" dress, is widely considered one of the most memorable moments in USA comic television history.

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