Warren tests anti-corruption theme to cheers in Iowa debut

Warren tests anti-corruption theme to cheers in Iowa debut

"And it needs to stop".

Council Bluffs was one of four stops during her first visit to the state.

"This is how it starts".

You know, Michel, I think, you know, she is probably best known as a senator from New England, but what I've seen here in Iowa is that she's really getting a chance to introduce herself as she wants.

"As a lower middle class American, budget and finances sometimes - living paycheck to paycheck is very hard", she said. "I'm in this fight because it's been the fight of my lifetime".

She also boasted about her work creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, her defeat of GOP Sen.

MARTIN: So what are the voters hearing from her? She is scheduled to cap the weekend with a "conversation with women leaders" in Ankeny, a suburb of Des Moines, on Sunday.

"[Warren's] coastal politics and unrelatability make her a non-starter for wide swaths of voters in general", she said. Her Iowa trip will continue throughout the weekend with at least five events over three days.

But President Trump is already making an effort to ensure the lingering questions over her claims of Native American heritage - and her attempt to substantiate them - will follow her to the first caucus state.

"Why did you undergo the DNA testing and give Donald Trump more fodder to be a bully?" the unnamed audience member asked.

And the senator reiterated the fact that she is not a person of color. Tribal citizenship is difference from ancestry. "I am grateful, but I am also determined".

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"But what I can do is, I can be in this fight for all of our family", Warren continued.

'What I think 2020 is going to be about is not my family, it's about the tens of millions of families across this country who just want a level playing field'.

It was an early jump on the race for Warren, who formed a presidential exploratory committee and began hiring staff this week. This week, he tweeted out a fake bumper sticker mocking the senator.

But on Saturday, her early-out-of-the-gates visit looked more than promising.

McLain-Meister, a senior copy editor at a global advertising firm in Des Moines, likes Senator Warren but hasn't settled on a favorite candidate yet. Obama's Iowa political director for the 2008 caucus and a senior adviser to Clinton in the state eight years later; Janice Rottenberg, an OH organizer for Clinton in 2016; and Brendan Summers, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as the Democratic front-runners.

Warren also denounced potential billionaire candidates who plan on self-funding their campaigns.

Having recently named a team of seasoned Iowa campaign hands, Warren took the stage in the bowling alley bar to a typical campaign soundtrack of pop and classic hits.

"Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong", Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr said at the time, accusing Warren of "undermining tribal interests".

"There are too many people who get their power from turning working people against working people", the Massachusetts Democrat said a day later in Storm Lake during a riff on long-stalled talks over comprehensive immigration revisions.

"I think people in rural Iowa are going to be more open to her message than they would be if things were booming", McCoy said, although he added that he believes she needs to address the rocky rollout of her DNA video in October, which drew criticism from both the left and the right. Warren will have to differentiate herself from Sanders so that they aren't fighting over the same voters.

"The energy here has just been awesome", said Rob Gilmer of Council Bluffs, among those who stood outside to hear Warren's remarks.

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