ISIS attack: Two British special forces soldiers ‘seriously injured’

ISIS attack: Two British special forces soldiers ‘seriously injured’

The injuries would be the first known casualties sustained by Western anti-IS coalition forces since President Donald Trump announced in late December his intention to pull out some 2,000 USA troops in Syria, declaring that IS has been defeated.

In his letter of resignation, Mattis said that he left due to disagreements with Donald Trump, and also because of the withdrawal of the USA forces from Syria.

Erdogan has promised that his forces, along with their own allied Syrian fighters, will take up the anti-IS fight - a promise viewed with suspicion by critics who think Erdogan could attack the Kurds anew once the USA departs.

Mr. Trump announced in mid-December that the US will withdraw all of its 2,000 forces in Syria.

Bolton's comments were the first public confirmation that the drawdown has been slowed.

It was also reported that a Kurdish fighter was killed and another injured.

British special forces are believed to be on the ground in Syria, although the Government never comments on their deployment.

Kurdish-led forces control a large swathe of Syria's north and northeast, some of it seized from the Islamic State group.

Mr. Trump has stated that he would not allow Turkey to kill the Kurds, Bolton said.

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"This is a cause-and-effect mission", Bolton said, adding, "Timetables or the timing of the withdrawal occurs as a result of the fulfillment of the conditions and the establishment of the circumstances that we want to see". "That a terror organization can not be allied with the self-evident", he said.

Fear of a Turkish assault has prompted the Kurds to increase their engagement with the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, who they see as potentially providing them protection from the Turks.

Trump said the withdrawal will be completed once the Daesh terror group is eliminated. U-S President Donald Trump also said his country is withdrawing its forces from the Arab country, but the pullout is NOT taking place so quickly.

Turkey considers the Kurdish paramilitary forces in Syria their enemies and prepares an operation against them by bringing the military equipment to the border.

The also seeking a "satisfactory disposition" for roughly 800 IS prisoners held by the U.S. -backed Syrian opposition, Bolton said, adding talks were ongoing with European and regional partners about the issue.

"We now have the best US-Israeli relationship in our history", US National Security Advisor John Bolton said during a joint press conference with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He explained that the Islamic State was defeated and the US completed its mission in Syria.

Bolton on Sunday also toured the ancient tunnels beneath the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City.

In one of its most contentious moves, Washington recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocated the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city, provoking a wave of indignation, particularly in the Middle East.

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