P5R teaser posted by Atlus, more details due March 2019

P5R teaser posted by Atlus, more details due March 2019

People have taken this to mean that more information on P5R, or Persona 5 R, will be released in March 2019. It's unclear if the "New Projects" referenced in the trailer exclusively includes P5R or also involves unannounced spinoff games, like a possible Persona 5 fighting game similar to Persona 4 Arena.

Meanwhile, if we look over to the video, "Persona 5 R" isn't appearing in the video or on Website which indicates that the full name of the upcoming game isn't revealed completely. With Joker in Smash, however, we'll have to wait until March 2019 to know for sure where the game will end up. What would you like to see in Persona 5 R's supposedly complete edition? This might possibly give us more precise insight on the platforms since today's tease included only a PlayStation logo and no specific information. The teaser does contain the phrase "New Projects", however, so it's possible Atlus will have more to talk about than just the one title. The next entry in the series, the 2008 PlayStation 2 game "Persona 4", also got an enhanced port on the PlayStation Vita called "Persona 4 Golden" in 2012. In 2009, Atlus also released a PlayStation Portable version called "Persona 3 Portable".

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