How to recycle your Christmas tree

How to recycle your Christmas tree

Some conservation groups even collect trees to create fish habitat or stop erosion along streams.

This opportunity for curbside Christmas tree pickup is only available to Hellertown borough and Lower Saucon Township residents.

Recology will begin picking up Christmas trees beginning on January 2 through January 11. About 37 percent of Christmas tree fires occur in January.

City of Prescott residential solid waste customers may also dispose of their live Christmas trees at the Transfer Station, 2800 Sundog Ranch Road, for free any time after Christmas Day through Saturday, Jan. 19.

The Town of Prescott Valley asks that residents remove all nails, stands, lights and decoration from trees before placing them into the dumpster.

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So as you retire your tree this year, think about how you could share it with others for a few more months before it is really time to throw it out. Most municipalities now have programs that chip and compost old trees.

Do not use a tree bag.

"What the message of today is, there is always a right place for everything here in San Francisco at the end of its life and that goes for Christmas trees as well."

When spring rolls around, I will cut the branches off the tree and put them out for green week.

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