United States preparing to withdraw troops from Syria

United States preparing to withdraw troops from Syria

But a USA official told AFP on Wednesday that the United States was planning a full withdrawal, after Trump tweeted: "We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency". According to a Defense Department official Wednesday, a "full" and "rapid" withdrawal of US troops from the Middle Eastern country is now being planned.

"We will ensure force protection is adequately maintained, but as quickly as possible", an official told the AFP news agency.

On Wednesday, Mr Trump tweeted: "We have defeated ISIS in Syria".

Then-presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on June 25, 2016, speaking to members of the media during a tour of his International Golf Links course in Balmedie, north of Aberdeen, on the east coast of Scotland. According to the State Department, the president adopted several policies that have empowered the military, including the delegation of decision-making from the White House to commanders in the field.

He said on Twitter: "We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency".

But President Trump promised in March this year that United States troops would leave Syria "very soon". "I'm one who questions our authorization for our troops being there, but clearly this administration and the previous administration have taken the position that we need to have a military presence against ISIS".

In addition to the limited ground presence in Syria, the USA also has conducted air strikes against the Islamic State since 2014; from December 9 to December 15, for example, the US -led coalition conducted more than 200 strikes in Syria, according to the Pentagon.

"I want to start rebuilding our nation", Trump said, noting the USA has spent $7 trillion in the Middle East over the last 17 years. His Dec. 19 message showed that he saw no further reason to keep troops in the region.

Earlier in the day, officials in the Trump administration told United States media that they were considering a total withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Middle Eastern country.

Donald Trump 'orders immediate and full withdrawal of US troops from Syria'

"At this time, we continue to work by, with and through our partners in the region", Col. Rob Manning, a Pentagon spokesman, said in a short statement Wednesday.

Syrian Democratic Forces and USA troops are seen during a patrol near Hasakah, Syria, Nov. 4, 2018.

The unexpected White House move comes as tensions increase sharply with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally Turkey, which has promised to launch a military offensive against the USA partner forces in Syria, which Ankara considers part of a Kurdish terrorist group.

"We have our concerns about Syria, about the threat of Iranian troops in Syria, and we will do whatever is necessary to protect our people, regardless if you have American troops, Russian troops, or any other nation". She predicted that the Russians, the Iranians, Syrian President Bashar Assad and the Turks will compete for the terrain and resources previously under US control "at the expense of" the Syrian Kurds who have partnered with USA forces against IS.

Planning is underway for a "full" and "rapid" withdrawal of USA troops from Syria, a United States defense official told CNN.

Worse yet, the USA will be perceived as abandoning the interests of its allies in the Middle East, not just Israel and Jordan, but also Saudi Arabia, which is considered the patron of the Sunni Muslims in Syria.

The United States is now working on stabilizing and providing early recovery efforts in areas liberated from ISIS control, including the removal of explosive war remnants and the restoration of essential services.

Islamic State's self-proclaimed caliphate has crumbled after different offensives across Iraq and Syria, though its fighters still operate in the desert border region and mount attacks.

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