Poacher ordered to watch "Bambi" as part of sentence

Poacher ordered to watch

Berry pleaded guilty to taking wildlife illegally and was sentenced earlier this month to a year in Lawrence County jail.

A poacher who killed hundreds of deer in the United States has been sentenced to repeatedly watch Disney movie Bambi while in jail. Cline, who admitted to taking wildlife illegally and helping the Berrys, lost his privileges for the next five years, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

A Missouri judge came up with a creative punishment for a recent poacher.

But whereas you might think months or years in prison would be enough for these heartless killers, one judge took a novel approach to his ruling when he felt that prison just wasn't enough for one "hunter".

Berry's father and two other family members were also involved in the poachings, which spanned over three years and prompted an investigation from state and federal governments, as well as authorities in Canada, the conservation commission said.

Berry also received a 120-day sentence in another county on December 13 for a firearms probation violation that will be served in addition to the yearlong sentence.

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In July 2016, Missouri officials began a almost nine-month investigation into the illegal poaching of deer.

It isn't clear at this time why David Berry Jr.is getting the additional jail time and the Bambi sentence, but it is more than likely a result from violating his probation with a felony firearm possession. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, the investigation has tied 14 Missouri residents to over 230 criminal charges that occurred in 11 Missouri counties.

Berry, though, was the only one required to watch the film.

Berry Sr is now awaiting his sentence for his most recent offence. Officials said they did not know how many hundreds of animals were killed during the multi-year investigation.

Berry worked with his father, two brothers and another man in the operation; all have had their hunting privileges revoked and were ordered to pay $51,000 in fines and legal costs.

In the 1942 film, Bambi is orphaned when his mother is shot and killed by a hunter. The trio would then take the heads with them from the killing scene and leave the animal's bodies to rot.

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